Thursday, July 05, 2007

Mashmakhan - Mashmakhan (1970) & The Family (1971)

Mashmakhan. Montreal rock band. It evolved from a succession of groups in the 1960s - eg, the Phantoms, the Dominoes, and Triangle, the last backing R&B singer Trevor Payne - that included the songwriter Pierre Sénécal (vocals, keyboards, flute), Rayburn Blake (guitar), and Jerry Mercer (drums). On leaving Payne, the trio made their debut in February 1969 at a Montreal club, the Laugh In, and soon after gave the first rock concert heard at the NAC. The bass guitarist Brian Edwards was added, and the name of an exotic hallucinogen adopted, prior to the release in 1970 of the band's first LP, Mashmakhan (Col ELS 365).The international success of the single 'As the Years Go By,' a pop song atypical of the band's venturesome, improvisational style, led to concerts in the USA and Japan, including a Tokyo appearance in 1971 before an audience of 40,000. A second album, Family (Epic E30813), was issued in 1971. Mashmakhan disbanded soon after. Efforts to revive the group during the mid-1970s involved, variously, Sénécal, Allan Nichols (vocals), Brian Greenaway (guitar), Steve Lang (bass), Lorne Nehring (drums), and others, and further singles were issued by Aquarius Records.

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yors said...

I just recently discovered this band, after all my years. Very nice and brings back the good ol' days of the 60's.

Thanks so much :-)

Martin said...

You can catch a glimpse of Mashmakhan in the Festival Express dvd.
I wish their non-lp tracks would show up someday.Some Mashmakhan members appeared on the April Wine album Electric Jewels (and of course,Jerry Mercer is still their drummer today)

I'm told that later on Pierre Senecal used to do solo gigs and some 8-tracks tapes recordings of those gigs were available for sale to the audience.

zappahead said...

Like Martin in the other message...I also saw them on Festival Express and tried looking for there stuff but to no avail till now...looking forward to hearing this...thank you very much for sharing it....all the best.

Anonymous said...

I saw 'Mashmakhan' in concert sometime in 1971...I think! It may have just been the green blotter! I have their first LP but was never able to get a hold of "The Family". I had no idea they had ever made it to CD. What luck to stumble upon your site. Many thanks for this posting.


pup said...

Очень клевые ребята. Спасибо.

Anonymous said...

Great album.
Thank you very much!