Saturday, July 21, 2007

Melody - Come Fly With Me (1976)

France prog

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stg said...


Anonymous said...

Thx for the music!
Does anybody have the tracklist?
It's going to be very appreciated.

kosice said...

Mhh...I did not expect much from a group called "Melody". Perhaps some typical mid-70s MOR prog music - but this is much better, very interesting and adventurous album. Wow, how many great and unknown French bands there are? Very nice album - thank you, Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Do you have by any chance the tracklist of Melody's Come As You Are? Thanks for this great blog!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers m8...pc62

frederic said...


A great blog.I don't have the material for sending music but i have the melody lp so i send the tracklisting that was requested by someone here.Here we go;
Melody "come fly with me"
Side one;
Viens voler avec moi(come fly ...)
Roll around in the clouds
When i am afraid i sing a song
Tripping through the wilky way
Side two;
Merry go round
run faster
Bye, Fuzzypec from France.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one. I have the LP and it's a very good album indeed.
Too bad that this vinyl rip doesn't do it justice. The sound is very muddy and distant. Also, when the original LP have 2 long suites of music on both sides, here you have the songs in a random order, most are truncated, and some are repeated. And in the end, there are 10 minutes of a completely different group. The original album is 42 minutes long, and here you get 68 minutes of music. Strange...
But that's the only place where you can have the chance to have a listen to this jewel. If I can help with my own copy, leave a message here with instructions how to contact you. Cheers.

Lisa Sinder said...

Dear Anonymous Friend!

You are absolutely right - total mess with the tracks. Would be really cool if you can help to sort this out or even give new & correct rip of your LP. Please drop you e-mail here (won't be published for sure) & I'll write you from my personal address.

Thank you very much in advance,