Saturday, July 21, 2007

Melody - Come Fly With Me (1976)

France prog

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stg said...


Anonymous said...

Thx for the music!
Does anybody have the tracklist?
It's going to be very appreciated.

kosice said...

Mhh...I did not expect much from a group called "Melody". Perhaps some typical mid-70s MOR prog music - but this is much better, very interesting and adventurous album. Wow, how many great and unknown French bands there are? Very nice album - thank you, Lisa!


Anonymous said...

Do you have by any chance the tracklist of Melody's Come As You Are? Thanks for this great blog!!

Anonymous said...

Cheers m8...pc62

frederic said...


A great blog.I don't have the material for sending music but i have the melody lp so i send the tracklisting that was requested by someone here.Here we go;
Melody "come fly with me"
Side one;
Viens voler avec moi(come fly ...)
Roll around in the clouds
When i am afraid i sing a song
Tripping through the wilky way
Side two;
Merry go round
run faster
Bye, Fuzzypec from France.