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Dream - Dream Archives (1969-72)

Complete unreleased album from Holland's best kept psychedelic secret, from the late 60's. Having formed out of Mother's Love, this band went on to make this collection of tunes which would lay on the shelves for years, collecting dust. This is unheard '60's Dutch pyschedelia that will be a must for collectors. Freak Emporium

The music The Dream makes is mainly sixties psychedelic music with some blues influences, as can be heard on Can you hear me howlin' or on Sleeping rose. Sometimes they remind me of The Kinks (We'll be back yesterday morning) or The Doors (Dino, Four phonecalls). The music is mainly vocal oriented, but there is also a big part for the guitarist. The most progressive track is The diamond and the fool.
(Dutch Progressive Rock of the Seventies)

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Randy Holden - Early Works '64-'66

Randy Holden's career spans over 40 years and many different bands. The first band he played with were The Iridescence back in 1959, their material being mostly Blues.In the mid Sixties he joined The Fender IV (photo) and it was here that his guitar sound started to take shape. Then Randy joined the Sons Of Adam in 1966 and from here he formed The Other Half, a West Coast Garage Punk band who released 2 albums and 4 singles during the late 1960’s, their self titled album ending up more in psychedelic territory, but with Randy’s guitar style starting to shine through. When The Other Half split, Randy replaced Leigh Stephens in the infamous West Coast Proto Metal band Blue Cheer bringing with him his now legendary guitar style and immense amplification techniques which took Blue Cheer to levels of sound never thought possible before.
After recording one album with Blue Cheer (New Improved! 1969) Randy left to pursue his eternal quest for the ultimate in amplified guitar sound and teamed up with drummer Chris Lockheed for what became a legendary solo album, Population II (1970) and they toured America with this ‘nuclear powered’ band that featured 16 Sunn amps (this was just for Randy!!). The album never officially got released and Randy had some bad experiences with all his kit being stolen and he eventually turned his back on the music industry, unfortunately never really getting the recognition he deserved as a pioneering guitarist.In the 1990’s after many months of ‘pestering’ by an obsessive fan Randy picked up a guitar again and headed into the studio.In 1996 Randy released Guitar God, featuring former Blue Cheer drummer Paul Whaley on an unsuspecting public and it went down a storm. Recorded in 1997 and released in 2001 was the follow up, Guitar God 2001 with Randy Holden firmly back in the seat using an awesome custom ‘Glass’ guitar made for him as a present from his wife. Pooters Psychedelic Shack
Long overdue comp of pre Blue Cheer garage psych featuring Randy holden. All of the Sons Of Adam recordings including previously unheard stuff is here along with The Fender IV's entire output. Essential. Freak Emporium

Avaialble from Captain Trip

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Subway - Subway (1972)

Subway was a LP project by an American/English duo consisting of singer-songwriter Irv Mowrey, guitar, vocals and composer/violinist Malcolm Watson. They travelled from San Fransisco towards the UK, France and Germany. In France they appeared on radio and TV and played in official places, resulting in this album, from which only 200 were printed. A lack of immediate success resulted in the unsold albums being destroyed. Most of the time the duo seemed to have travelled and even busked on the streets. I guess that’s how they chose the title for their project of “Subway” to give it that underground feel and to remind them of where they were destined to disappear once more into the unknown. The songs on this album are really strong and the arrangements, which are violin picking and improvisations and orchestrations, with some vocal and some percussion effects on the first couple of tracks make them sound even better. With each track the songs get more hand percussion & drums added and some electric bass, progressing the inner evolution and energy inside them. By the fourth track, “All the good things” the music has some true acid folk psychedelic tension. The most progressive track is “Enturbulaton-free form” on side B, which uses this improvisation energy and adds even organ and mellotron, electric guitar and a couple of echo effects to this jam. This is followed by two more folk-rock singer-songwriting tracks. Worth mentioning are the fine drumming with bass and violin improvisations on "Rosanna Of The Roses". Last track, "Can I trade with you my mind" is a beautiful song with some depth in emotions in the words. Also this track builds up its own progressive arrangements, making a perfect conclusion for a classic album and unique moment of a short time to arrange well a couple of songs made on the road during their touring. PSYCHE VAN HET FOLK

Subway was a duo, consisting of an American and an UK-guy, who released their only album in France as 200 vinyls in 1972. There they lived and played both for some time as street musicians, who played their compositons even at Parisien subway, hence the bandname. Unfortunately the album fell through, so the unsold vinyls were melted, as usual in France at this time.The band presented a phantastic psych-folk music with prog-rock-elements. An absolutely top-album, which hopefully now will reach a bigger audience, as the original LP is very rare. Since the master-tapes were lost for a long time, we recorded our old original-LP and did remaster it by means of NoNoise of Cedar, so master-tape-quality is nearly reached again. This reissue was made as 180-gram quality pressing and includes an very interesting insert. Thanks to Irv Movrey and Malcolm Watson for their aid to realize this project. Amber Soundroom

Great album & one of my first uploads ;)

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Stray - Mudanzas (1973)

Stray were originally formed an amazing 37 years ago at a school in West London when four 14-year-old pupils decided to form a group. Calling themselves "Stray", the band managed to get regular bookings playing mostly soul and R&B covers until guitarist Del Bromham started writing original material which was in a heavier and more psychedelic style. In 1968 they became the youngest band ever to play at the famous 'Roundhouse' and two years later, still only 17 and 18 years old, signed with 'Transatlantic Records'. The first album, Stray is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished debut albums ever, particularly from such a young band.
Primarily a live band, the group still managed to release a new album a year for the next five years, increasing their output to two albums in 1976. The first five albums catalogued a band maturing and experimenting with brass, strings and more complex arrangements with the third album, Saturday Morning Pictures, being the undoubted pinnacle of Stray releases, displaying a maturity that was far in excess of most teenagers. A line-up change in 1975 saw Pete Dyer replace original vocalist Steve Gadd and the band signing to 'Pye Records' with whom they eventually released a three further albums which, with the exception of the excellent Stand Up And Be Counted, never really captured earlier glories. However, in the late 1970s, Stray found themselves out of place amongst the up-and-coming punk and new wave scene playing their last concert in December 1977.
1973-released fourth album from London-based heavy prog/ blues/ proto-metallers, a major influence on the Stoner and Doom movements many years later. Includes the classic 'Oil And Fumes And Sea Air' and 'Hallelujah' (no relation to Deep Purple, Leonard Cohen, Can or Happy Mondays tunes of the same name). Now includes three bonus tracks.Freak Emporium

Track list:
1. Changes
2. Come On Over
3. Alright Ma!
4. Oil Fumes & Sea Air
5. Gambler
6. Hallelujah
7. I Believe It
8. Pretty Thing
9. Soon As You've Grown
10. Leave It Down To Us
plus 3 bonus tracks

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Cohen-Solal, Jean - Flutes Libres & Captain Tarthipom (1971-73)

Born in 1946, Jean Cohen-Solal studied music at the National Academy in Nimes from 1956 to 1963. Flute was his major, but he also studied the double bass. He learned counterpoint, harmony, chamber music & orchestration. From 1963 to 1966, he attended the Academy of Versailles with Cazauran Stone as his double bass teacher, and studied flute with Roger Bourdin and Gaston Crunelle and with the CNSM of Paris.
In 1965, Jean made connections with the GRM (Group of Musical Research of the ORTF). Between 1966 to 1973 he worked on the phenomenally popular French animation "The Shadoks", a series by Jacques Rouxel. He created the voice "Shadok", did the sound effects, and served as assistant and musical interpreter. In 1969, he was a prize winner at the international contest of flute of Montreux (Switzerland). He also won the prize at the International Contest of Chamber Music at Colmar. From 1970 to 1989, Cohen-Solal taught flute in the Paris area at a variety of academies and workshops. Jean's history as musician is long and fascinating, with his career as theatre and film composer.
In 1971, Jean released his first solo album Flute Libres and in 1973 Captain Tarthopom. Considered MASTERPIECES among progressive rock collectors all over the world, the first album is built around three short compositions on side A which are quite interesting and catchy. These pieces include the Indian Raga (sitar, tabla and flute), an exciting meeting between Eastern and Western cultures. Side B of this album is a 17-minutes epic, pure research of sounds, where Jean is experimenting in a way that sounds like early Tangerine Dream. Jean developed his own style with the flute -- a mix somewhere between classical and jazz to avant-garde. Many techniques were used in this recordings, consisting of (among others) of the use of multiple tracks for different flutes and added effects like distortion, wha wha, and others. He also played the double bass in a very unique way that took his music into darker atmospheres.
Captain Tarthopom, his most sought-after album, was released in 1973.This album is like a mix between Pink Floyd (Ummagumma era) , Magma, Focus, and Jethro Tull. The album is wrapped in a GREAT sense of humor and incredible production with fantastic guest musicians.
Jean Cohen-Solal is a name you'll find on the famous Nurse With Wound list and he fits there perfectly. While almost completely unknown outside of France, Jean Cohen-Solal deserves to sit with the most famous progressive rock bands. MIO Records


Troya - Point Of Eruption (1976)

Troya play competent symphonic prog, a bit like Camel or Eloy. Great symphonic rock featuring mellotron and flute, excellent keyboard playing and a fine guitar, no weak passages. Three of the six tracks are instrumentals. In his book "Cosmic dreams at play" (Glasgow 1996), the Norwegian Dag Erik Asbjørnsen lists "Point of eruption" among the ten best Krautrock LPs of all time, and quite rightly so. The only drawback is its short playing time. Thanks to the smallness of the edition (only 200 copies), the record is now worth between 1000 DM and 2000 DM (US$500-1000) among collectors. It’s a pity that this is the only work the band from Werne an der Lippe, at the north-eastern edge of the Ruhr Area, has ever released.

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Covenant - Nature's Divine Reflection (1992)

Symphonic Prog band based in Texas, with a keyboard oriented music. Dave CRYDER is the unique actor of this instrumental music. His choice goes undoubtedly to the ancient analogical keyboards (Hammond, Mellotron, Prophet, etc..) and his style can be compared to the symphonicism of Rick WAKEMAN. Recommended to fans of long keyboard jam compositions.

Dave Clayder not only plays drums and percussion but also an impressive amount of vintage keyboards: Hammond B3 organ, Mellotron, Solina string-ensemble and the synthesizers Prophet 5, Korg CX-1 and Korg M1. On the 17-minutes opener "Nature's divine reflection" (featuring guest musician Bill Pohl on guitar and bass) it's obvious that the keyboards are omnipresent: fluent rhythms with flashy synthesizer runs and sumptuous Mellotron waves. The other two compositions "Eschatolix" (6 minutes) and "Sun-child's spiritual quest" (almost 20 minutes) also deliver very pleasant work on the keyboards so if you like the wonderful and distinctive keyboard sound of the Seventies, here's a fine one from Greg Walker's progrock label Syn-Phonic! Erik Neuteboom Prog Archives


Dave Cryder - all drums and keyboards
Bill Pohl - guitar on 1


1. Premise of Life:
a) Thanatopsis
b) Nature's Gift
c) Ascension
d) Spiritual Forces
e) Eternity's Call
f) Synopsis

2. Eschatolic Covenant
3. Sunchild's Spiritual Quest Through the Forest of Introspection:
a) Acquiescence
b) Catharsis
c) Assessment of Reality
d) Enter the Sacred Labyrinth
e) Metamorphosis / Transformation
f) Across the River of Souls
g) Through the Gates of Emotion
h) Storm of Centuries Past; Rebirth
i) Sunchild's Lament
j) As One with the Infinite Spirit

Available from Syn-Phonic


Apple - An Apple A Day... (1968-69)

CD version of this album recorded in 1969, this album is one of the lost nuggets of British psychedelia. Mixing whimsical trippy fancy with heavier R 'n' B, this Caleb Quaye produced effort changes hands for silly money in its original form. Freak Emporium

This is one of the most sought-after UK psychedelic albums. It's a fine amalgam of psychedelia and heavy R&B though not all the material is good. Their first two 45s are included and these four tracks are among its finer moments. The most psychedelic being The Otherside and Buffalo Billycan. The most commercial being Doctor Rock, a straight-ahead rocker, and Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine. There are also a couple of good Yardbirds' covers - Rock Me Baby and Psycho Daisies - and a competent effort at the Lovin' Spoonful's Sporting Life. Not as inventive as the Open Mind LP, for example, but with just a couple of throwaway tracks, it does deserve to be up there as one of the gold nuggets of British psychedelia. Tapestry Of Delights

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Banda Love & Peace - Versiones En Ingles (1971)

The LP by hippy vegetarian yoga commune from Mexico. Style: latin rock or in other words: " temática musical abarca desde ritmos latinos, rock, blues, psicodelia floydiana y hasta algunas aproximaciones cuasi progresivas en una veta cercana a Deep Purple." Progresiva 70's

More information welcomed.

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Magma - Rock Duo Magma (1975)

Amazing German duo that play high pomp jazzy progressive-rock similar to Hardin and York . Very rare on vinyl and only recently discovered by collectors, this is filled with rhythmic drum work (similar to the Linder And Bohn album) and percussion combined with symphonic synth fusions that achieve amazing levels of creativity and intensity. The full 1975 album plus 5 bonus track.Freak Emporium

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Graffiti - Graffiti (1968)

Produced by Bob Thiele (Ford Theatre, Eden's Children etc.), Eddie Kramer and Jay Senter, their album is a mix of light and heavy rock with some occasionally excellent guitar solos, leaning more towards progressive than acid or psych. Strunz and Benderoth, sometimes helped by St. John and Taylor, wrote all the songs, except Ugly Mascara penned by Ronald Hovanecz.
The band were based in Greenwich Village, having relocated from Washington DC when they were known as The Button, (which was the final incarnation of The Hangmen). The Button line-up included drummer Bob Berberich who returned to DC, teamed up with two other ex-Hangmen and Nils Lofgren to form Paul Dowell and The Dolphin and later Grin.
The CD reissue includes the non-LP He's Got The Knack. The track, which can also be found on Turds On A Bum Ride Vol. 3(CD) and World Of Acid(LP), is a fast 'n' fuzzy mainly instrumental post-Vanilla Fudge rocker. The 45's flip Love In Spite is also pretty good heavy stuff too.
(Vernon Joynson / Max Waller/Stephane Rebeschini/Bob Embrey) Fuzz, Acid & Flowers

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Saga De Ragnar Lodbrock - S/T (1979)

Exhumed from the depths of a long forgotten past, SAGA DE RAGNAR LODBROCK is a numerous line-up gathered around the theatrical singer-composer Franзois PROUST and guitarist Patrick ALLIARD. Their aim was to illustrate the conquest of Normandy by the feared Northern men (The Vikings), through an epic fresco, or, said differently, a saga… The music filled with traditional and medieval aspects starts off very classically and gets a little tougher as the battle looms. It will actually be told with a lot of details in a very convincing way that will certainly lead you to think about and actively participate to it in direct. Great names of Progressive rock contributed to this great project, such as the American drummer Kirt RUST (VOLKOR, WEIDORJE), Jean COHEN-SOLAL or Jean-Louis MECHALI. It has to be said that quite a few acoustic songs destined to a theatre adaptation (such as “La Ballade Des Pendus” from Franзois VILLON) of PROUST have been included here…


Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen/No.2 (1968/1969)

At last on CD, the fine 1968 debut from the famous Danish '60s psychedelic band. Packed full of fuzzed up guitars and with acid jams a plenty, you also get their 1969 album as well. Including an electrifying 10 minute jam session with Burning Red Ivanhoe. Superb stuff! Freak Emporium

The musicians from Young Flowers had a great influence on danish progrock in the late sixties and the beginning of the seventies:
Band: Peter Ingemann, Peer Frost (Rainbow Band, Midnight Sun, Savage Rose) Ken Gudmann (Culpepers Orchard, Defenders, Danish Sharks)


Ocean - God's Clown (1976)

Many are fans of LED ZEPPELIN who ever regret that their favourite band was not giving all it has got in Progressive rock, even if Jimmy PAGE's bearing ant its friends frequently tended to be close, displaying too rarely ("The Battle Of Evermore", "Dazed And Confused", "Stairway To Heaven", "Kashmir", "No Quarter"...) a more than awesome potential. "God's Clown" certainly isn't an album of the mythic english Airship, although it's looking like, so much about compositions as the quality of the instrumentalists or as an outstanding production at the time. However, OCEAN is a true French quartet ! Founded in 1974 with the impetus given by the guitar and keyboard player Georges BODOSSIAN and after two years of wandering, the line-up releases this first album on major label Barclay, that is an epic portrait of 40 minutes ! Music appears to be blend with LED ZEPPELIN Progressive rock in a KING CRIMSON style. Exclusively English, Robert BELMONTE's sometimes androgynous vocal faithfully evokes Robert PLANT, as well as Andrй BALZER of ATOLL. Leader's guitars soli would be played by Jimmy PAGE having discover the Robert FRIPP style, while the rythmic section including bassist Noлl ALBELORA and drummer Bernard LEROY contributes to make this album a genuine misrecognized opus.


Alan Jack Civilization - Bluesy Mind (1969)

Rare continental blues LP that sounds like a wilder version of Aynsley Dunbar's Retaliation, lots of guitar riffing and doomy vocals that sometimes call Jaklin to mind.


The Crushers - Glory Of The Day (2002)

These guys are something! I wish you could see them alive playing joint set with Creatures Of The Golden Dawn in Moscow. Russian feak out garage psych. One of the best bands to come from Russia ever! Highly recommended.


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Gallery - The Wind That Shakes The Barley (1972)

Very rare UK style folk rock, and another privately pressed folk rariety from the mid seventies.( now fetching Ј400.00 on the collectors market) With fine guitar and mandolin work from Steve Morrison this is classic UK '70's hippy folk with a traditional edge. Also includes extra unreleased material from an informal rehearsal in 1969 by the band. Freak Emporium
The track " Queen of Hearts " I believe is incredibly beautiful, essential. For the rest it's a nice folk album.
Bruton Town Newsletter comments on this item :
"It is a beautiful record, released on MIDAS label in 1972. In my research I've found only one of the personnel names, the female voice, Barbara Seabourne. The record title is "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" (Kissing Spell KSCD9503-f) and some of you could instantly remember the Dead Can Dance late version of this beautiful traditional here included. On the KS version there is also a 20 minute bonus track that was recorded in 1969 (so the record notes).
Seems that this MIDAS label pressed also a record from a band named "Folkal Point" and two solo records from a certain Janet Jones.
The Gallery sound is not "acid" folk, but more traditional stuff, well clever done."
"The Gallery album is superb IMO. The label was set up by Alan Green who was also behind the Folk Heritage / Westwood labels. Gallery is phenomenally rare as an original LP (About £1000). Equally as rare is Folkal Point (Even the band only have one copy between them!!) Janet Jones did 2 for the label and both are more common, but excellent" Ian from Ammonite Records
"Actually the members of the band were
Royce Seabourne- Vocals
Barbara Seabourne- Vocals/Dulcimer
Mark Uttley- Violins
Steve Morrison- Guitar
Alan Morrison, Steve Morrison's brother played on many of their records/ performances when Steve was not available- including 'The Wind That Shakes the Barley'." (according to Ché Royce Seabourne)


Natural Acoustic Band - Learning To Live/Branching In (1972)

Twofer including the first two albums from acoustic folk trio, originally released on RCA in the early 1970s. Hailing, like their comtemporaries Lindisfarne and Hedgehog Pie, from the North East of England, the band were a firm favourite on the college circuit- but their albums have been obscure and difficult to find until now. From songtitles like 'Ther's Nothing Unnatural About Electricity' 'Subway Cinderella' and 'Little Leaf' they sound like they spent their entire lives busking in woods and parks: whatever, these albums conjure up the magical atmosphere of this era of hippy folk perfectly. Freak Emporium

Formed as a folk duo in Milngarie, Glasgow, Scotland, in 1969. Tom Hoy was a Glaswegian by birth and Robin Thyne a Geordie. Krysia Kocjan who had a Flemish mum and a Polish dad, joined early in 1971. She was a talented vocalist who brought them a good degree of publicity - they were often billed as The Natural Acoustic Band featuring Krysia Kocjan.
Learning To Live was a good progressive folk effort notable for Kocjan's vocals and similar to Dando Shaft. It came in a lovely gatefold sleeve. The follow-up was similar musically. Both albums were produced by Milt Okun, who had worked extensively with Peter Paul and Mary.
In September Amin Mohammed was recruited as bassist, but Krysia left the band the following January to pursue a solo career. She was replaced briefly by Joanna Carlin, though this didn't work out due to 'musical differences' and the band soon was reduced to a duo again with Thyne and Hoy. The pair as a duo until 1975 when Hoy joined Magna Carta. Thyne followed him into Magna Carta a couple of years later, though in 1979 they both left to form Nova Carta, but that's another story. Kocjan released a solo album in 1974 and has worked for Ray Davies, Mike Heron and Robin Williamson among others. She now lives in the USA. Tapestry Of Delights


Rare Bird - Born Again (1974)

Reissue of the progressive rock act's 1974 album originally released on Polydor featuring 10 tracks.This album again displays their excellent progressive rock style with hooks and excellent vocal harmonies throughout. includes the stunning track 'Redman'.From the Caravan, Cressida, T2 school of 70's UK prog rock. Freak Emporium


Rare Bird - Epic Forest (1972)

RARE BIRD is a quartet that relied heavily on keyboards as both Kafinetti and Field played together, the former on piano and synthesizers and the latter on organ - much like PROCOL HARUM but without the inspiration and latter on GREENSLADE. They had a good hit with “Sympathy” in the UK but especially in Continental Europe where they became quite popular, their sound often reminding BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST. This double kb attack held no place for a guitarist until Field left along with the drummer Ashton and another keyboard player Lamb. This change occurred also as they switched to Polydor label and they took on a guitar player, and played a harder rock with some funky lines. Nic Potter of VDGG played on two albums of the second line-up and John Wetton guested on one. Hugues Chantraine, BELGIUM Prog Archives

Late 60’s/ 70’s British Progressive rock band RARE BIRD released a few great albums over their career with “Epic Forest” representing one of their milestones. Although RARE BIRD are best known for their organ-driven progressive sounds, “Epic Forest” reduced the emphasis of the keys here and added a wider jazz prog feel with a slightly more contemporary 70’s soft rock vibe. The musicianship is very strong with some great vocal harmonies and instrumentation. As in all early RARE BIRD albums the songs are very well written and are very memorable with Dave Kaffinetti as the helm of the song writing department (later in his career would co-write with Big House, MARILLION). On this album we saw the departure of Graham Field and Mark Ashton who were replaced by Fred Kelly (drums) and Ced Curtis on guitar. Instrumentally these guys were excellent with very much an original develop sound and approach. loserboy Prog Archives

Thanks to Alex Giltin for the photos


Rare Bird - As Your Mind Flies By (1970)

Rare Bird formed in London in October 1969 and began rehearsing in a room at organist's Graham Field's London apartment. Indeed Field and keyboardist Dave Kaffinetti played a key role in conceiving the group's then novel two keyboard sound. Gould (ex-Fruit Machine) proved to be a powerful vocalist and their drummer was former Turnstyle member Mark Ashton.

Within a few weeks the group was offered a residency at London's Marquee and before the end of the year they'd issued a much acclaimed debut album, which got to No 117 in the US Charts. This included the atmospheric Sympathy, which would prove to be a minor hit here in the UK, but it was very popular on the Continent too. The final cut, God Of War, was both atmospheric and innovative in its use of percussion, whilst You Went Away and Beautiful Scarlet featured powerful vocals and good keyboards.

As Your Mind Flies By was another fine album of keyboard-driven rock punctuated by Steve Gould's often melodramatic vocals. The whole of Side 2 was taken up by the ambitious four movement track, Flight, but the whole of Side 1 is recommended listening too. The group's line-up was expanded for Epic Forest (which was varied ranging from the heavy riffing of Hey Man to mellower numbers like House In The City and Fears Of The Night) but somehow they failed to maintain any sort of momentum over here, although they remained very popular on the Continent.

Their second 45 'A' side, What You Want To Know, later resurfaced on the One More Chance compilation.

Fred Kelly had earlier been involved in the Astral Navigations Thundermother project. Tapestry Of Delights

Second album for RARE BIRD marking a wonderful contribution to the progressive rock genre. Without a question fans of organ and keyboard driven prog rock will love the music of RARE BIRD. Their arrangements although centred around the keyboard work of David Kaffinetti offers some great drumming and bass interplay. Steve Gould’s melodramatic vocals are a tad bit raw but I think fit the music perfectly and give it a nice degree of grit. Prog heads will love the side long 20 min long track "Flight" an ambitious four-movement track which surprisingly does not overshadow side 1 which is littered as well with 4 fantastic tracks. For me the sound of RARE BIRD is a scientific cross of URIAH HEEP, T2 and ELP. "As You Mind Flies By" is pretty much a masterpiece and is an essential recording ! loserboy Prog Archives


Rare Bird - 1st & Somebody's Watching (1969/73)

First and fourth albums from the UK progressive rock band. The first album, from 1969, contains their biggest hit "Sympathy", whilst both albums contain some impressive keyboard dominated jazzy progressive rock. Recommended. Freak Emporium

Great, underrated debut by this British band that featured two keyboardists, a bassist (who also handles the vocals), a drummer, but no guitarist! Instead we get two guys handling the keyboards, Graham Field on organ, and David Kaffinetti on electric piano. The rest of the band was rounded by Steve Gould on vocals and bass, and Mark Ashton on drums. This is a historic album, for it marks the very first album to ever be released on the Charisma label. The band was said to have formed in October 1969, and to have this album released at the beginning of December 1969. Anyway, the album is best known for the song "Sympathy", which became a hit for them on mainland Europe. But you'll also find the band exploring some great prog rock such as "Beautiful Scarlet", "Iceberg", and "God of War". In between are shorter songs like "You Went Away", "Nature's Fruit", "Bird on a Wing", etc. There's a couple of songs I can live without, such as "Times" which sounds like really bad '50s music, but with the organ replacing the piano (Steve Gould tries so hard to be Little Richard here, it's not even funny, that style of music just isn't Rare Bird), and "Melanie", with lyrics a little too mushy for my liking. But the rest is a demonstration of what was great in the earliest days of prog rock. Proghead72

After Graham Field (organ and assorted keys) left the band, RARE BIRD went thru a bit of a metamorphosis and released an album of “American-funk-prog rock”. Although in a new direction this album still works exceptionally well with some incredible musicianship and song writing. RARE BIRD always had a slight pop funk jazz vibe going on in their music (or I can hear this tendency anyway…) but it is clearly accentuated here. The music is rich and full of excellent musicianship with John Wetton making a guest appearance on this album sporting his bass guitar talents. Overall a solid album with some great tunes but cleary a departure from their 70's heavy organ drenched progressive rock. loserboy Prog Archives

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Think - Variety (1973)

Rare 1973 German Hung arian prog-psych record. A blend of Pink Floyd like space rock and progressive folk rock with flute, violin and keyboards this is a great album that really is filled with 'variety' from trippy muiscal voyages through folk to blues. The underlying theme is psychedelic improvistaion and the band are red hot throughout. English vocals. Far out. Freak Emporium

Garden Of Delights


Dino - Hoy Canto (1979)

This Uruguayan artist's real name was Gastón Ciarlo. In the mid-sixties, he played guitar and sang in a band called Los Gatos who played U.K. and U.S. covers (not the Argentinian band).
After two singles for RCA, he recorded a solo album for the small Eco label. Then he joined Montevideo Blues, played on their 1972 album which mixed blues and local Uruguayan rhythms.

In 1979, Dino managed to record a third LP (Hoy canto) with some excellent rock songs despite military censorship. "Me importa", "Dбmelo todo" and "Aleluya meu pai" are great examples of a skilled musician with a strong personality.

Artwork help needed!


Alice - Alice (1970)

1970 debut from French progressive rock band Alice. Guitars, organ, flutes, saxes, violin and piano all combine to create a stunning album similar to many early UK progressive albums. One of the first wave of French groups, they have been likened to Traffic, Jethro Tull and Family.


Corporation - The Corporation (1969)

Formed in Milwaukee in 1968 at Cudahy's Galaxy Club where the Kondos brothers joined up with members of an outfit called Eastern Mean Time. Some months later they were heard by Capitol reps at another club The Bastille, which the band had bought into.

With a contract for an album the band journeyed to Detroit to record at Terra Shirma studios with producer John Rhys. Released in February 1969, the LP is notable for the side-long psychedelic rework of John Coltrane's India. All tracks on side one were group compositions. It was successful in several regions (No. 3 in Milwaukee) but only rose to No. 197 in the national charts.

The group made more recordings but a deal for a second Capitol album fell through and this material was eventually spread across two LPs released by the band on Age Of Aquarius, a Cuca custom label. Fuzz, Acid & Flowers


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Tasavallan Presidentti - Tasavallan Presidentti II (1970)

The second album from 1970, long out of print and regarded by Jukka Tolonen as the bands best work. Classic progressive rock with great instrumental interplay, tight arrangements, strong melodies and extended solo performances on flute, sax and electric guitar. Flashes of psychedelic rock merge into jazzy instrumental excursions. One of the best Scandinavian albums. Freak Emporium


Aera - Humanum Est (1974)

AERA is a band from Germany who performs progressive fusion in the style of NUCLEUS, EMBRYO and DZYAN. Spacey guitar passages are the strongest characteristic in their music, as well as good flute and saxophone passages. They have 6 albums, of which "Humanum Est" is considered their best effort.- Bruno Aun


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Älgarnas Trädgård - Framtiden är ett svävande skepp förankrat i forntiden (1972)

ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD are a seminal, 6-piece Swedish combo who made one album in 1972, a cult classic and masterpiece of psychedelia that could have come straight out of the 'Kraut' school of Space Rock. After the release of their album, they kept on playing live for a while, even recording a full album's worth of new material in 1973-74. But it wasn't until 2001 that this material was mixed and released, on a cd entitled "Delayed".Their 1972 classic, "Framtiden ar ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I Forntiden", is a veritable testimony to the halcyon days of hippiedom - a time when grown men, like children playing with forbidden colours, were popping hallucinogenic bonbons and experimenting with psychedelic sounds in their quest for mind-expanding adventures and altered states of consciousness. However, ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD's music never lapses into drugged-out silliness or aimless noodling. It ranges from earnest, to Medieval, to completely creepy - a sort of 'RIO meets folk'. They concoct some earthly (and unearthly) sounds using a combination of traditional, modern rock instruments and ethnic/archaic ones, the result being a spectacular blend of slow-smoking psychedelia with a strong vernacular Swedish folk bent. Their guitar-based, trance-like music is reminiscent of ASH RA TEMPEL; it also shares GONG's organic mayhem and the hypnotic qualities of early TANGERINE DREAM. If you can imagine a Nordic version of AMON DÜÜL II or ASH RA TEMPEL, you'll have a pretty good idea of what they sound like. The 2001 cd "Delayed", which makes heavier use of drums and guitars, is yet another marvellously atmospheric and creative mixture of prog and psychedelia.Highly recommended for Krautrock aficionados as well as for fans of CAN and PINK FLOYD, circa "Ummagumma". Lise (Hibou), CANADA

Available from Silence


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Champignons - Premiere Capsule (1972)

Premiere Capsule is an excellent album featuring mostly-instrumental combination of prog and psych served up by Champignons, a tight and experimental band from Quebec. Released in 1972, Premiere Capsule, resplendent in its trippy day-glo mushroom sleeve, is a succession of seven guitar driven original compositions that manage to maintain any incredibly high standard from start to finish. All the tracks are superb, but several in particular stand out including the 11-minute experimental jam, Le Chateau Hante (The Haunted Castle) and two instrumental numbers, Folies Du Mercredi and Pop-Pino. There is extremely good fuzz guitar throughout, as well as some exceptional flute solos courtesy of flautist Emile Naud.
Unfortunately this is the only known album from Les Champignons, and to say it gives us great pleasure to have released it on Blue Orchard is an understatement. Hugely enjoyable and highly recommended.

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Earth Opera - S/T (1968)

Excellent debut album from 1968 by this Boston based US psych group who included David Grisman and combined elements of folk, country and rock music together and added a surreal psychedelic undercurrent. It's an interesting melange that at times resembles later Incredible Stringband. Well worth investigating. Freak Emporium


Fresh Blueberry Pancake - Heavy (1970 US heavy psych fuzz)

This unknown beauty was only released as a testpressing in USA in 1970 of 52 copies. Real heavy Psychedelic like Butterfingers, Betty or Stack, fuzzguitar, soundeffects, the whole thing. Comes in great commic cover (the original had only a stamped white cover). Maybe the last-unknown-never-reissued-before-heavy-Psychmonster.
We don't know too much about this US trio other than their album was recorded in Philadelphia in 1970. It's an excellent disc with searing lead guitar and cool organ work reminsicent of early Zeppelin, Grand Funk or even MC5, whilst the vocals have a weird vibrato quality. Highly prized by lovers of late '60's US private heavy fuzz albums. Freak Emporium


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Byzantium - Live & Studio (1972)

Byzantium were members of the early 70s British psychedelic scene who released three albums between '72 and '73. ' Their debut "Live And Studio" is their most collectable (it was a self produced, limited release), but it is also undoubtedly their best. When trying to describe their sound, other bands of the time like "Man, Help Yourself" come to mind, due to the spacey West Coast vibe featuring long improvised guitar solos and nice vocal harmonies.Track listing Side A: 1. Flashing Silver Hope 2.Cowboy Song 3.Feel It Side B: 1.What A Coincidence 2.Something You Said 3. I Can See You Side C: 1.Morning 2.I´ll Just Take My Time 3.Surely Peace Will Come To Those Who Try Side D: 1.If You Wanna Be My Girl 2.Oh Darling 3.Move With My Time

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Grapefruit - Around Grapefruit (1969)

Their debut album from 1969, and more of a psychedelic-tinged pop affair than their later follow-up. Delightful harmony vocals and a light airy atmosphere prevail, with the baroque production being handled by Terry Melcher. This includes their two UK hits "Dear Delilah" and "C'mon Marianne" with 12 non-LP tracks as a bonus.


Shiver - San Francisco's Shiver (1960s)

Late 60's / early 70's power trio who supported a lot of legendary SF bands but made a good living playing biker bashes. Heavy blues based amphetamine rock that takes no prisoners.


Icarus - The Marvel World Of Icarus (1972)

Super rare killer early UK '70s progressive / psych album originally released on Pye based on Marvel Comic characters.Played by a bunch of session players including John Etheridge (Soft Machine) it includes 13 whacky tracks including "Thor","Hulk","Captain America" and the psychedelic "Silver Surfer" ..All are tongue in cheek and lunched out.…


Underdogs Blues Band - S/T (1968)

1968 debut album from this fine New Zealand group who sound like Cream meets The Doors. The band play some excellent covers of songs like "Oh Pretty Woman", "Yonder Wall", "It Hurts Me Too" and a psych version of "Hey Gyp" as well as some good group compositions. The album features fine keyboards and guitar work throughout. Bassist Neil Edwards later joined Human Instinct.

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Hax Cel - Zwai (1972)

Häx Cel from Hanover only existed between the end of 1971 and the autumn of 1972, releasing one LP and one 7"-single on Dizzy Records, both of which have so far been hardly known even among collectors. Many fans of a fusion between classical music and progressive rock will appreciate this effort. We are not dealing with a cheap Ekseption or Renaissance clone but rather with very creative music which is convincing even without the use of a guitar. "Zwai" (Dizzy LP DS 726) features a live recording of their last gig on October 29th, 1972. The two tracks of their single, "Albinoni" and "Difference", are included as bonus tracks on the CD, which therefore features Häx Cel’s complete works. Apart from two Händel tracks and one by Albinoni, all the material was written and masterly played by the band itself.

Garden Of Delights


Human Beast - Volume One (1970)

Stunning and sole album from British heavy psychedelic/progressive rock band formerly known as Skin. Originally released in 1970, the album is littered with blazing acid guitar solos and strange, trippy moments. At times sounding like May Blitz meets Jefferson Airplane, this is a great reissue. Features a great heavy version of the Incredible String Band's "Maybe Someday". Shame there was no Volume Two!