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Twilight Nuages - Twilight Nuages (1977)

Monstrous real-people garage-pop dreamer... gorgeous lo-fi working-man songcraft, epic epic pop sensibility. Perfect heart-on-their sleeve vocals from Bill and a few high-school girls, a touch of saxophone here or there, a little organ, sunny day guitar strumming, a hauntingly sweet love song with steel guitar (!!!). Amazing transcendental larger than life quality to it all, like the band thought they were every bit the class act their song-writing conveys even though everything is a little sloppy and endearingly home-spun. It's one in a million, truly, this kind of alchemy - and plays through like a true album. Very very inspired stuff that has just completely bowled me over, with wild crude living-room production and amateur charm oozing everywhere! Don't let the late recording date fool you... this is as honest and tender-hearted as when you first swooned for the Beatles or realized that music might be the saving grace of your existence. Lifts me totally out of my chair and leads me through a starry night of pure imagination and youthful wonderment. Unreal! By Joakim Peso

Here is the almost unknown (no entries in Acid Archives and Pokora's books, popsike details for one auction only) and surprisingly great (yeah!) treasure from 70's private press americana fields... Pop? Yes. With some tricksy ssw and lounge moves. Just melodic well-crafted songs - some catchy and midtempo driving, some lazy floating - one by one, stronger and stronger! With charming male/female harmonies, warm and lighthearted aura, and perhaps the vibe... it's sounding more like late 60's than late 70's... Another one of Twilight Nuages' paradoxes - combination of lo-fi bedroom/garage feel with high professional, strong and delicate, arrangements - some flute, sax, keys, steel guitar - so tasty.
You can skip short intro but the next six songs - it's like.. I don't know.. Terrific pleasure! Six songs divided by little instrumental. And maybe the last song only, with overextended beginning and little repetitive and loud chorus, seems to me not so good. The rest is excellent!
Every new album - it's like terra incognita, like new enigma for music lovers and collectors, always. Even if you already read some reviews before or your friend said you something about... In late december of last year I saw Joaquim_Peso's review on this album, his recent discovery... And now, after my listening experience with this album, I think... What a wonderful find... Congratulations! Great great thanks, Jack.
And of course - my greetings to Bill Last and his scholars! =) By Fluteboy

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Fiedel Michel - Fiedel Michel (1973)

Mayfield's Mule - Mayfield's Mule (1970)

This is the missing link lp in Andy Scott's career. This album has not been released in the UK, Europe or Us. It was released only in Uraguay.

Andy Scott's career started with the release of 'Expansions on Life' with the Elastic Band. Co-members in this band were Sean Jenkins - drums, Ted Yeadon - vocals, organ and Mike Scott bass. This band split when Ted Yeadon left to join the Love Affair. Expansions on Life is now a very sought after prog lp. After the split, the remaining members joined Chris Mayfield to form 'Mayfields Mule'. They released a number of singles and recorded this album. However, as mentioned before, it was never properly released. Andy Scott then went on to join the Sweet. Popsike

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