Monday, May 08, 2006

Alain Markusfeld - Le Desert Noir (1977)

Third album of Alain MARKUSFELD after "Le Monde En Etages" (1970) and "Le Son Tombe Du Ciel" (1971), "Desert Noir" (1977) offers ethereal, delicate and fragile melodies based on the perfection of his guitarist's play. The result is close to a great success worthy of JADE WARRIOR or Steve TIBBETTS, made of highly evoking, long and instrumental parts. A second more surprising compareason can evoke the unlikely meeting between an acoustic Larry CORYELL and an electric Randy CALIFORNIA (SPIRIT)... MUSEA

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Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks for this great post! I really enjoy the desolate Black Desert vibe on this album! Superb guitar passages and so smooth and laid back! I'll listen to this one for a while. Thanks!

TimosPsychedelicious said...

just in case you didn't see my comments on my blog. I have some Shiny Gnomes for you but i don't know whether that's what you're looking for.
1994: Mc Creatrix
1996: Weltraumservice

I am gonna look for more. Where did you add me? ;-) Cheers, Timo