Monday, May 08, 2006

Rhesus O - Rhesus O (1971)

This is an early French jazz/rock excursion in the vein of Soft Machine 4/5. Hence, there is a certain early Canterbury flair to the music. The emphasis is more towards jazz than rock. The band features future Magma members Francois Moze and Jean-Pol Asseline. There also seems to be a small amount of contemporary Miles Davis influence, a la _In a Silent Way_, in the some of the more psychedelic moments. This album becomes more interesting to me, the more that I listen to it. Recommended if you like early Soft Machine and Moving Gelatine Plates. Dirk Evans

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dtfloyd said...

thank you very much lisa
for this great french jazz-rock records!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!
Anything from the Canterbury sound? (Rare albums by Hatfield & The North or In Cahoots, perhaps?)
Anyway, keep on going with your EXCELENT blog!!
Greetings from Sunny Spain

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,

Any idea what's happened to the Captain (trip) and 60's70's rock blogs ???????

mmmzzzzzzzzz said...

It would be nice to hear some Moving Gelatin Plates as well.

If you have them, that is-

Thanks for all of the great posts!

Anonymous said...

thanx for this record, i have the same question, anything from hatfield and the north?,thanx again

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! If Soft Machine were in BLUE NOTE, could have that sound!! Excellent!!!

Panco said...

Another re-up request please Lisa!
Go on, please :)

panco said...

Finally got it!
Massive thanks for this, Lisa.
And the quality just continues.