Monday, May 01, 2006

John Bassman Group - Filthy Sky (1970)

Heavy Dutch acid rock album, sung in English, with some Airplance moves, hard guitarwork with effects, VERY fine! Very rare late 60's Dutch west coast style. Acid psych with great female vocals and killer fuzz guitar leads!

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60&70 Rock !!!! said...

Hell ya Lisa, you RLZ !!!

António Caeiro said...


Moka said...

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zebu said...

Thx a lot Lisa!!!

SCION said...

LISA - thanks alot for posting this one. Interesting group - but then, I find that alot of the Dutch rock bands are refreshing.
True, these guys aren't a FOCUS or an EARTH & FIRE, but they are entertaining.

SCION said...


Track Content :
Filthy Sky
His Name Was Tom
Coming Home
Woodstock Generation
Two Rings
Teddy Boy's Blues
Sing A Song At My Grave
Can You Dig It

musicians :
John Theunissen-guitars, banjo
Diana Leemhuis - vocals
Peter Blom - vocals, harmonica
Theo Wetzels-bass
John Snyders-drums

The author reviews : Daydreamer
The author :
Publication date : May 22nd 2006

Dutch Group, partly as a Shocking Blue (particularly voice and vocal style Diana Leemhaus like Marishku) but pop-psihodelicescimi zakosamy. In His Name Was Tom good with the guitar and fuzom kwakushka. There are a couple of good tunes, but in general, can not think of anything to merit serious consideration. One curious exception : final rigid Can You Dig It built on riffe that surprisingly recalls waves, that the years of a relatively zanatny.

StevenK said...

More good stuff; I love it! Thanks much!