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Igra Staklenih Perli

IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI, the ultimate ex-Yugoslavian space psych rock band, was formed in 1976 in Belgrade, Serbia, having been named after the famous novel by Hermann Hesse - "Das Glasperlenspiel" (The Glass Beads Game). The original line-up consisted of: Zoran Lakic (keyboards), Vojkan Rakic (guitar), Predrag Vukovic (percussions) and Drasko Nikodijevic (bass & vocals). In late 1977 Dragan Soc joined the band as drummer while they played live concerts at Belgrade clubs, preparing to start recording their first album, which they did in mid 1978. Upon its release the next year, the band gained reputation for elaborated visual stage effects and light show directed by their friend Goran Cvetic. Nikodijevic was replaced by rock journalist Slobodan Trbojevic on bass prior to recording the second album in late 1979. After its release in 1980 the guitarist Ivan Pajevic replaced Rakic and Nikodijevic was back on bass, but shortly the band ceased to exist. Nikodijevic and Rakic later formed post-punk/neo-psych White Rabbit Band but in late 1980s moved to USA where they continued under the name White Rabbit Cult. The remaining members together with German publisher Thomas Werner released at the beginning of 1990s three albums of ISP old live material and album outtakes for the German-based label Kalemegdan Disk.IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI labelled their music style as "stream of consciousness music". Their both studio albums, the first eponymous "Igra Staklenih Perli" from 1979 and the second "Vrt Svetlosti" from 1980, are pretty similar in sound and resemble the style from early PINK FLOYD and HAWKWIND psychedelia, to German kraut-rock (notably CAN and TANGERINE DREAM), to HILLAGE-era GONG among many. Interesting music effort especially considering the fact it was the new wave boom period when they tried to pursue a quite different music philosophy.Recommended listen to any devoted prog fan. Since all their albums were issued on vinyl format it might be difficult task to find them, but Kalemegdan Disk may be a good starting address.: : : Sead S. Fetahagic, Bosnia and Herzegovina : : :

So, this is a collection of previously unissued tracks recorded by IGRA STAKLENIH PERLI in their early years from 1976-79. It was released by German label Kalemegdan Disk in 1991, which specialized in uncovering the old, classic rock period of the former Yugoslavia. These tracks sound amazingly good and they show how awsome and diverse was the Yugoslavian music scene of the 1970s, in spite of shortage in music instruments, discographic resources and state-controlled market. ISP were well-known as the premier psychedelic band, but what is also obvious from this collection is that they equally cherished their love for German Kraut rock scene. Due to droning spacey electronics, strong rhythm section and whispering vocals, they are the closest to CAN in terms of influences. Just listen to "Magic Machine" and "Lake of Lily" and you will notice the spiritual presence of Damo Suzuki, Holger Czukay et al.; the latter being a fine answer to guitar craziness of "Mother Sky" from CAN's "Soundtracks". The lengthy title track is pure acid rock filled with fuzzed guitar, bongo percussions and tribal bass thumping. This is excellent album that any serious psycho/kraut lover should grab. It's a real gem excavated from the Yugoslavian back catalogue that should be treated as a precious jewel. A brilliant and adventurous experimental psychedelic music!

Igra Staklenih Perli - Igra Staklenih Perli(1979)
The only Yugoslavian psychedelic band but the best space psych rock i ever listen to !Its a mix between Tangerine Dream and earlier Pink Floyd(its an 1979 record,so a bit late for western standards,cause it could be made in late 60s in England or Germany) .Its a true psychedelic albums with very mellodic and catchy riffs and rythms,you dont need mush,lsd or else with this,it will blow you away for sure!An engaged young band with Oriental influences,extra talented and inspired,the album is lasting only 29 minutes,but there is no dull moments at all.You need to check this album,its surely a masterpiece of psychedelic rock,one of the best you can get! dark_d3

Igra Staklenih Perli - Drives (1977)

Album "Drives" is the last of the trio of vinyl albums, issued by German- based label Kalemegdan Disk in the early 1990s. It contains previously unissued material that is taken from the 4-hours improvisational jam session recorded live in a rehearsal room, back in April 1977. In late 1991, former band members - percussionist Predrag Vukovic and guitarist Vojkan Rakic - with guest keyboardist Zoran Zagorcic re-mixed this old material with some newly recorded instrumental parts.

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60&70 Rock !!!! said...

Thanks for all Lisa "sweet" Lady



Anonymous said...

Lisa thanks for Igra Perli !
Unhappyly the album inner flow is incomplete, the tracks 1 & 2 are the same ones in your rar.
The first music "Flow Access" is ok has 1"44
but the second "Hotel Wave" originally has 4"??
in Soulseek the majority of the users has this exactly archive with defect.
I'm looking for this album complete for years.
If you to obtain the right music please put in your blog.
Thanks a lot and
Excuse my bad english

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Anonymous! Although I have my version from soulseek - I'll try to find the better one - but this willtake time!

Paulo Costa said...

Anonymous Again
Thanks Lisa

The Soulseek User "Vital Techtone"
has the correct album - the tracks
1 & 2 is join in one track
6 minutes.
But I do not obtain to connect me with it I always give error.
Excuse For Anonymous
My name is Paulo Costa from Brazil.

Anonymous said...

hi Lisa,

thanks for posting this really cool music. I am now a Igra Perli fan thanks to you and your cool blog. But I too had the same problem with Igra Perli's first album, the first song "Flow Access" is the same as "Hotel Wave". thanks again for your cool posting. Have a great day and stay cool.


Dirk said...

ill check this later

if you like the mix of tangerine dream and pink floyd you should get the Far East Family Band cd thats for download @ my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
Thank you for posting these amazing albums.
Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for pasting my bio of ISP on your blog :-) ;-)
Spread out the good music!!!

Sead, Bosnia

radiowaves said...

Thank you Lisa for these, very interesting and great albums ! I really enjoy listening to them.
Oh if you have time take a look at my blog (it's new so not that much posted yet). Thanks and have a good time !

Anonymous said...

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Lisa, ne rade linkovi za download..! :((

Lisa, download links on don't work (I've already registered) :((

Anonymous said...

New Link:

Juan Martì

Anonymous said...

Password for the RAR file is : najpogodnijemesto