Sunday, May 21, 2006

Røde Mor - Rok Ork (1971)

Røde Mor was the seventies most significant political band-and-art-comunity in Denmark. They were very succesfully - thoug called themselves "kommunists" - they knew how to make money and great live acts. Their final act is over - as meaningfull protest-band, but they have been reunited a couple of times lately: Last exit before entry to the history books. hear this macnificent band: What they did, how they did it - and why...

More info at Røde Mor

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Ed said...

Hi Lisa,
thanks for the good music you are giving us.
All the best.

Anonymous said...


Enjoying the Plastic People as I write this. Tremendous stuff. Recently been playing the third Bread Love and Dreams you posted a while back. I have the first one. How is the second one and can ya post it.

All the best


Knut said...

Thanks for this one - never heard this before and its a real treat.

Love the political twist to their lyrics and the melodies aint bad either. Anyone making something that sounds like a fifties rocker, starting with fiddles (?) and the killer finishing words "strømer du er en kapitalist-lakei" has my vote :D Cool prog-touches as well thru-out the album.

Minie said...

Hi, very nice your blog, let's change some stuff... Keep psycho!

Anonymous said...

Request following up on the Battiato: Osage Tribe "Arrow Head." Supposedly related to Mr. Pollution and great as well.