Friday, May 12, 2006

New Brother! Great surprise for the weekend!

Hi My Friends!

Let's welcome Timo & his great psychedelic blog
Enjoy new discoveries! Really good news!

Love to you all & great Friday beer ;)



TimosPsychedelicious said...

Hi Lisa!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I am gonna post those two requested shiny gnomes albums on my blog to show you my gratitude. My requests are:

1. The Rahgoos (pre-Gandalf)
2. Trip Hill
3. Blackberry Rainbow
4. Conroy Library
5. Rontheo

I would really appreciate it if you could find any albums by those bands, they are very hard to find. Thanks, Cheers Timo

TimosPsychedelicious said...

Hi Lisa,

Shiny Gnomes - 1996 - Weltraumservice now ready to be downloaded on my blog!
Hope you like it :-)


bruce said...

lisa check out this site Bruce

Anonymous said...

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