Friday, May 19, 2006

Book Of Am - Part One (1978)

Great French folk-psych record!
This international group lived as a commune on the Spanish island of Deya & were acquaintances of Daevid Allen and Gilly Smith. their album is an attractive journey into the more mystical realms of hippie-folk, somewhere between Robin Williamson, Daevid Allen and some tracks by the German band Popol Vuh. Many songs have a strong Eastern touch with tamboura, acoustic guitar, flute and male/female vocals. This album will satisfy anyardent fan of psych-folk! Some members of Book Of Am might have helped out on Daevid Allen's solo albums from this period. Taken from "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" by Dag Erik Asbjornsen

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Anonymous said...

My no1 fave album I stepped on and now I find it here six months later! Anyone who downloads this album may be sure n-e-v-e-r to find it for sale anywhere. There's a double vinyl reissue of it coming up, very limited pressing I've heard, including the band leaders 20 page booklet originally too large for inclusion with the first issue back in '78. Any chance of seeing Extradition, Perry Leopolds first, These Trails or Ptarmigan uploaded soon? Anyone who has those to trade, drop me a line

Thanks and god bless Lisa!

Pink Burrito said...

This album is absolutely perfect....thanks for the great stuff... I have been checking out your blog regularly and greatly enjoying it... feel free to check out my new blog...

thanks again

ali_fib said...

JohnDillinger said...

Hey There,

First : Thanks for this awesome blog Lisa !
I'm french and i'm so glad to find stuff from my country i thought disappeared... and find stuff from my childhood (time of smocking good spinellos and listening good music)and other that i discovered.
Music's like a good perfume and got the power of remembering good time ;-)
Myself, i got a (nice) collection of music in most cases, melody from the past...

Otherwise, the "real" name of the formation is Can Am Des Puig as The Book Of Am as a unique combination of recordings and design of artwork. They've produced 2 other albums under the name of The Book Of Intxixu. A second formation where Juan Arkotxa appeared as composer of the album "My Immotality" and "My Moon Goddess Magic" By Leslie MacKenzie.

Thanks again (hope my english is good) ;-)