Friday, June 16, 2006

Black Pearl - Black Pearl (1967)

When Moulty, The Barbarians drummer left the band, the remaining members (Fieldings, Causi and Benson) moved from Boston to San Francisco and with the addition of fellow Bostonian Jeff Morris and Molcahy and O'Connor formed Black Pearl in 1967.
The bands three guitar line-up created one of the first heavy psyche groups, with strong R&B roots. Their first album, produced by Lee Kiefer and Richard Moore, contained nine short tracks, with titles like Crazy Chicken, White Devil and Mr. Soul Satisfaction. It's cover was designed by Eve Babitz.
The second album was recorded live at the Fillmore West in September 1968 and contained an eleven minute version of James Brown's Cold Sweat.
Bernie Fieldings also guested on Fusion's Border Town album.
Compilation appearances include: Forget It on Nuggets, Vol. 6 (LP).
(Stephane Rebeschini/Max Waller) Fuzz, Acid & Flowers

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Tony Blair said...

I'd like to say THANKS for posting this album.
Your blog is superb.

ratboy69 said...

Thanx a lot for this great share. You mentioned the second album, recorded live at the fillmore west. For years now i wanted to lay my ears on it. If you have it please upload it in the near future. Many thanx and keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I swear I hear some MC5 styled action in this thing. A long time fave I had on vinyl. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Saw these guys at the Whisky A Go Go in '68 in L.A. They headlined, 3DogNight was the opening act. I never thought I'd hear this album again. Thanks for the memories!

Manu said...

I remember seeing the nice cover and reading some enthusiastic reviews about this album. But since I wasn't able to find it, all I could do was wonder what the music would sound like...
Thank you !
This is truly a great record.

However, something is wrong with track 2, "Thinkin' bout the good times". At 2'47" there's a bit of something that clearly doesn't belong to the song.
Could you please fix that minor bug and re-post the track ?
Again, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I listen to BOTH Black Pearl LP's with great regularity. Interesting to see someone else's 'Positive Reaction" :) Keep Rockin'!

William said...

Hello Lisa:
Please, is it possible to reup with zippyshare links all your earlier posts from 2006, including this one? Thank you very much for all your effort for so nice music. William

bornutski said...

Have just discovered your blog, May 30, 2016 ... absolutely amazing, thank you for all your hard work and to find links that work for 2006 is ... mindboggling ... good on ya.