Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brahman - Brahman (1971)

Canadian band. This eponymous release was the short-lived Brahman's only LP, which is too bad, because this first effort showed a lot of potential. Most of the songs were written by organist Robbie King (Skylark, Hometown Band, and, much later, Bryan Adams) and drummer Duris Maxwell (in Doucette with King, and later with the Powder Blues Band). Their blend of blues-rock, hard rock, and emerging prog rock often recalls Atomic Rooster & Procol Harum, an analogy sported as much by the style of the music as by King's riveting, rocking abilities at the organ. Singer Victor Stewart's soul sensibilities are a definite plus, especially on the heartfelt "Jonathan" and "You Changed My Life Around," the latter slapping a ballad-type melody over a rock song driven by a mean bass riff played on a Rickenbacker. "Automatic Man" features odd rhythmic patters, a dirty organ riff, and a drum solo episode, but the unsuspected highlight is "She Went Down." Here, Brahman gets one iota shy of impersonating Gentle Giant, thanks to beautiful contrapuntal lines, a harpsichord, shifting time signatures, and Stewart's voice finding a fragility very close to Kerry Minnear's. The naivete found in some of the lyrics ("Build a Tower," "Jonathan") did not age well but, otherwise, this long-unavailable LP is worth seeking out. ~ François Couture, All Music Guide

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