Monday, June 12, 2006

Dickens - Royal Incarnation (1969)

French psychedelic rock - did it exist? Yes, but not exactly in abundance, and mainly restricted to singles & EPs (Les Goths, Tac poum Systeme). One of the few exceptions to this is the ultra-rare album by Dickens. These guys were probably well acquainted with the US undeground bands, at least judging from "Ange De Lune", a French adaption of asong recorded by theAmerican group Genesis. Apart from that, the group played their own material, with great guitar and organ driven psych comparable to the heavy LA sound (Iron Butterfly and Doors). Serge Baumer later played in the group Treponem Pal.
Andre Chabloz - vocals
Jean-Claude Tissot - guitars
Jacques Minary - keyboards
Jean-Claude Bertin - bass
Serge Baumer - drums

Taken from "Scented Gardens Of The Mind" by Dag Erik Asbjornsen

P.S.: Listen to "Genocide" - the must!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Lisa, that's beautiful!
How many tracks are they? I see track 1 two times. Is everything ok? Cause if we ignore that repeat, the album is only 29 minutes..
Like Ange's albums anyway..

Sluggo said...

Great stuff you've been posting Lisa. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

The album is 29m 41s and has 9 tracks in total.
Yeah, great post, by the way!

Niller Symphony said...

Orgasmic!! It's kinda difficult to find this music on the internet nowadays, ty my dear stranger