Friday, June 02, 2006

Ranola - Ranola (1984)

German ndw punk band. Ranola was founded in 1982 (I guess) as a sub-set of the former band 'The body Snatchers', which had split up and of 'EA80', both early Mцnchengladbach punk bands. Though Ranola doesn't exist since many years now, former members of this band from Moenchengladbach, Germany, are still active. Ranola singer Jack and drummer Andreas are in a band called 'rose club', bass player (and vocals on 'Blumen') 'Der Junge' is the singer of both 'EA80' (founded 1979 and still punk) and 'The devil in Miss Jones', here together with Micka, the former Ranola guitarist.Here's some links to these: by the1cure from New Wave Outpost

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rich said...

Oooh, haven't come across the Ranola German punk group before. Cheers for hipping me to this. I've had an NDW blog for about a week now (check the profile).