Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tarentule - Same (1977)

Ultra rare french prog-folkrock album.

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The Herbalist said...

Hello Lisa:
As usual... great music!!! Thanks
Do you have the track names of this Tarentule album?
Let me know..
Btw.. visit us at prognotfrog
see you!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the lost Acid Folk!
Beautiful stuff.
Any luck finding a track list?


Anonymous said...

There's a tracklist for the record here: http://www.metavox.co.kr/shop/goodalign/good_detail.php?goodcd=35633

Unfortunately there are 13 tracks on this list and 5 on the rip so I'm not sure how they line up.


Anonymous said...

Here's the accurate tracklist (the other list is accurate, but this list has the 13 songs broken up into the 6 medleys that correspond to the 6 ripped tracks):


this is great stuff, Lisa--I'm loving the Euro-folk albums.

Paulo said...

The Correct Tracks:

1 - a) Bransles - Dits D'Ecosse
b) Le Déserteur Du Régiment D'Auvergne
c) Air D'Après Gaillarde d'Hassler (7'11)

2 - a) Adieu Ma Si Charmante Blonde
b) Trist' Annada
c) Marche De Goliath Et De Sa Femme (5'01)

3 - a) Les Galios
b) Seigneurs, Sachez Qui Or S'En Ira (3'56)

4 - a) L'Oiseau De La Meunière
b) Avant-Deux (6'03)

5 - a) Au Saint-Nau
b) Noël Anglais (4'46)

6 - Trimousette (6'33)


NA said...

Hi Lisa,
compliment for this great and
and competent blog! Can you repost
"Tarentule" please.
Thanks again and all the best!

arbor said...

Here is another link to this