Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Chalibaude - Les Noces Du Papillon (1976)

Very rare french prog-folkrock classic in 70's. gentle voices with the celestial strings and dreamy flute. Similar to Asgard... Metavox



Eerowen said...

Thanks a lot, Lisa, I'm looking forward to spinning these.

I don't suppose you could post the track list in the comments field here could you?

This record and the Tarentule record below don't include a track list anywhere, and the ID3 tags are nonexistent. (No problem for me to clean up the tags, but I'd love to get the song names!)

Thanks again,


Anonymous said...

Thanx, very nice album.
Keep up your excellent work!!!

I've found track list:

01. La-las Dans Ces Prairies
02. Les Noces Du Papillon

important: this long track, or suite, is consisted of following parts:

02a. Les Noces Du Papillon
02b. La Cullier Et La Marmite
02c. La Messe A Poitiers
02d. Le Retour au Quaret

03. L'noulette Et Le Marlot
04. La Fille Du Rochelais
05. Arantelle / La Maitresse Du Voltigeur
06. Farni Petrrot / La-las Dans Ces Prairies

track 7 should be deleted, it's 4 sec silence obviously ripped by mistake

your truly,

Jean-Philippe said...

There are some mistakes in the tracklist posted above. Right titles are :

01 - Là-bas dans les prairies
02b - La cuillère et la marmite
03 - L'alouette et le marlot
06 - Jarni Perrot

Thank you so much Lisa for your wonderful site !

Alex B said...

Really beautiful album. If Asgard is similar to Chalibaude ( I never heard it), so, Asgard deserves the name, ´cause this record is dreaming, hipnotic, a faerie-tale music...