Sunday, June 25, 2006

Elektriktus - Electronic Mind Waves (1976)

With just an album with their name, and no mention of their identity, Elektriktus are a mysterious group that only released an LP on the PDU label in 1976. The LP was recorded in Italy, but there's no proof that the group was really from Italy.
The album, called Electronic mind waves, includes eight synthesizer-led compositions that show a great influence from the german cosmic music; in fact this is one of the most krautrock-inspired albums from Italy, and not unlike some of the early works by Roberto Cacciapaglia. For this reason it's not a surprise that it appeared on PDU, as this record company distributed in Italy most of the production of the german Kosmische Kuriere and Ohr labels.
Musically speaking the album will appeal to the keyboards fans, though some interesting variations can be heard in some tracks, as an upright bass part in First wave. ItalianProg

Often overlooked due to its much more well-known symphonic cousins, the electronic artist known as Elektriktus was a virtual iconoclast in mid 70s Italy, perhaps only approached by Roberto Cacciapaglia at the time. Finding more in common with Conrad Schnitzler than Klaus Schulze, Electronic Mind Waves sends shimmering waves of synthesizer patterns forward through a journey that is plotted out by flying, kicking off the voyage in "Frequent Departure Flying at Day-Break." Some interesting things begin happening when stand-up bass begins improvising on "First Wave." However, while Schnitzler's music was often formless, Elektriktus gets the sequencers going pretty early on, and there is usually a sense of patterning going on throughout. The synths often shimmer in the background, and as the album progresses, it seems to grow quieter and more meditative. While thematically Elektriktus seems to have set up a conceptual motion, the music seems to sort of meander by the end of the album. Overall, a good piece that, perhaps, lacks a bit of distinction. Mike McLatchey/Gnosis 2000

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Curved Air said...

another wonderful share Lisa, thx!!!

rich said...

This is a real incredible find I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lisa this is great!!! I love the late 70s synth oriented albums. Thanks!!

And don't forget to post that missing Igra Stakalin song if you have it.


archigram said...

Can't wait to get home and check this baby out. Never heard of it, but everything about it looks and seems fascinating.Thanks!

FM SHADES said...

amazing! thanks

mad4music said...


Thank you for all of the great music you've been sharing. You've turned me on to a lot of good stuff!

Check out my podcasts of vintage Sixties/Psych when you get a chance:

Keep the music flowing, my friend!

MARS said...

I've been DL'ing and throwing whole albums in the Recycle Bin all week--trying to make educated choices, but still coming up burned.

Save for Bill Holt's "Dreamies" and a few salvaged tracks from doo-doo albums by Pell Mell, Jane, Billy Joel's Attila and Eloy, this is a very, VERY pleasant discovery. Thanks!

no regrets said...

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