Saturday, July 08, 2006

Alia Musica - El Canto Espiritual Judeo-Espanol

Alia Musica was formed in 1985 in order to perform early music, particularly that from the Middle Ages, giving a special emphasis to the study and interpretation of the Spanish-Jewish repertoire. In its concerts and programmes devoted to these two chosen fields, the group makes use of its own research as well as the latest musicological findings, whether they come from theoretical studies of the sources or from practical experience in the living oral traditions found in Western music. Alia Musica has given many concerts participating in festivals and series throughout Spain and the rest of Europe, as well as in the United States of America, meeting wide-ranging applause and approval from audience and from critics alike. The group records exclusively for harmonia mundi.

Available from Harmonia Mundi



Anonymous said...

Beautiful music, but be aware that two of the files in this rip are faulty. Track 6 is cut short, while track 7 has a bit cut out of the middle and includes a number of 'pops'.

Anonymous said...

und was für dich.
L'Orient Imaginaire-Yehudi: Jewish Music from the Seraglio

Danças Ocultas
64.38 MB
PS: Enjoy