Sunday, July 02, 2006

Breche - Carapace Et Chair Tendre (1979)

Quebec, Canada. Breche is one of the folky bands on the Le Tamanoir label, which released their only album "Carapace Et Chair Tendre", in 1979. a quartet of Marc Bolduc (piano/woodwinds), Daniel Roussell (guitar/plectra), Jaques Joubert (violin) and Paul Bolduc (bass/trombone).
Most ofthe material is instrumental progressive folk with emphasis on violin & flute. More info at ProgQuebec



Anonymous said...

Very "together" band with nice acoustic feel and good flute/fiddle interplay. Another discovery! Thanks once again!

Daydreamer said...

Thanks!! "Ezhevika Fields" is now my favorite blog!

themusicilike said...

Thanks again Lisa,
you're the best!
Breche is a wonderful band I never heard of before...
All the best!

kqwiet said...

Excellent music! Does anyone know of a track listing per chance?