Saturday, July 08, 2006

New linking way

Dear Friends,

Due to bad weather recently in the blog world, from know all links will have the new look here at EZHEVIKA FIELDS:

1. Link:

If you have clicked the link, then you will have been taken to another Site which has a button on it.....then all you need to do is click that button & you'll be directed to Rapidshare page.

If you don't see the button, then you must do the following 2 things:
Make sure you have dropped your firewall.
Enable Javascript in your browser settings.

2. Button:

Click it & you'll be directed to Rapidshare page.

Hopefully this will help! Thank you, Jiltz! ;)

Take care,


Laruchis said...

Hi Lisa!

Thx for you effort.

No matter all this dumb people's actions to destroy what is being done with love, you keep fighting, looking for different ways to share your LOVE for MUSIC.

I do appreciate.

Thank you very much!

ian said...

Hi Lisa

How will the button work if you use Rapidget (rapidshare premium)to copy and paste.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
it is impossible to find the button and download the file.......
could you please find another way to share your great music?
thank you in advance from Italy

Lisa Sinder said...

All buttons appear & working! Check java script or firewall.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

The premium account doesn't work anymore. Why should that have got anything to do with java or firewall?

Anonymous said...

Your 'new' method seems to create a non-working solution for a problem that didn't exist. Now it seems impossible to take advantage of actually joining rapidshare and getting faster/ more frequent downloads. What was the problem that made you make this change?????

Anonymous said...

It works if you use the free Rapidshare :-)

Anonymous said...


The system seems to be working much better, now (20060709). Thank you or whoever helped out! And I appreciate your effort to distribute your interesting music!

Jon said...

Thanks for trying. Would love to hear this album (and others) but cannot work out how to get rapidshare to work at all. A simpler sharing service must be better than this?!