Monday, July 10, 2006

Summertime requests

Dear Friends!

It's mid of summer - pretty hot , everybody thinks about vacations, for me there are were a lot of festivals & concerts recently - not too much time for blogging. So I'd like to work till end of summer mainly on request basis - your requests are welcomed! If I have it - I'll share it sooner or later (if it's worth sharing ;)

Still once a week (or two) there are will be a couple of posts from me & my friends.

Looking forward to hear from you ;)))

Enjoy the music!

Love & peace,


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Lisa for all your Good Work thus far!
Here are some requests to mull over:
Arthur, Toni & Davy -Hearken to the Witch's Rune '70
Arthur, Toni & Davy -The Lark in the Morning '69
Backhouse, Miriam - Gypsy without a Road '78
Gaughan, Dick-Handful of Earth
Basho, Robbie-The Grail and the Lotus
***Carthy, Martin & Dave Swarbrick–Byker Hill '67
Dawnwind-s/t '7?
Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band-Dan, Half-Dan and the Spaceman '76
**Celeste, Marie-And Then Perhaps '71
Chapman, Michael-Navigation
Ditching Players-Alice Through the Looking Glass '69
Duindam, Jan-Thoughts ‘78
Folklords, The - Release the Sun '70
Folque-Fredløs ‘80
Gagalactyca - s/t '70
Gwydion-Songs of the Old Religion ‘75/Faerie ‘82
Haizea - s/t '68
Holman, Rex-Here in the Land of Victory '70
Jones, Wizz - Magical Flight '77
JSD Band – Travelling Days '7
JSD Band - Country of the Blind '7
Justine-s/t '70
Kolinda-s/t ‘76
Jones, Nick-From the Devil to a Stranger ‘78
***Leopold, Perry-Experiments in Metaphysics '70
Madden & Harris-Fool's Paradise '76
Pererin-Haul ar yr Eira ‘80
Perth County Conspiracy-Alive
Providence-Ever Since the Dawn '72
Raven, Mike & Joan Mills-Death & the Lady ‘72
Red Television-s/t '74
Saffron Summerfield - Salisbury Plain '74
Saga (UK)-Sweet Peg o’Derby
Sedmina-Melita & Veno Dolenc '80
Skybird-Summer of '73 '73
Sounds of Salvation - s/t '76
St. Field, John-Control ‘75
Stained Glass-Open Road '74
Streng, Pekka-KESÄMAA '72
VULCAN'S HAMMER-True Hearts and Sound Bottoms '73
Whitesuntide Easter - s/t '7?

Hey, you asked for 'em! ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your FANTASTIC blog, I write here a list of albums that I've searched for a long time. Maybe...this is the right time!
With all my gratitude!
Aldo from Italy

Burnin' Red Ivanhoe - Right On (Their last)
Chameleon - obscure jazz-rock from Germany
Cortex - Pourquoi (their last album)
Didier - obscure jazz-rock from Germany
Jazz Live Trio - Galatea (Konig, Peter Frei, Peter Schmidlin)
Klaus Doldinger’s Motherhood (I don't know how many they made)
Kosuke Mine - Out of Chaos (jazz-rock from Japan)
Kosuke Mine - Second Mine (Jazz-rock from Japan)
Modem Art Trio (with Franco D’Andrea from Perigeo)
Pop Asamovic (His first album, Pop)
Predmestje (I need all but their first...)
September (jazz-rock from Yugoslavia, they made 2 albums)
Takashi Mizuhashi & Herbie Hancock - One tuesday in NY

Again...with gratitude

Anonymous said...

A request:
Maybe you have the album of the
"mellow candles"?

thanx for advance, and for all the links and sharing... :-)

Anonymous said...

Mellow Candle-Swaddling Songs can be found here in 2 parts:

scroll down to near the bottom to find it! :)


TBA said...

Any Besombes-Rizet? Or other NWW list stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for great stuffs!!!!

Do you have British folk band 'Heron'?
We all need Heron!

thank you

William said...

If you have any albums from the International Harvester/Harvester/Trad Gras Och Stenar family of Swedish drone masters, I would be very grateful. Also, I love the Plastic People of the Universe albums you've posted, and it would be cool if you have any Pulnoc to upload, as well as any more Eastern European or Scandinavian psych/folk/drone rock.

Anonymous said...

The Only LP i'm missing from the Lp's i used to own..

Et Cetra - Et Cetra (Kraut rock Jazz rock)

The Lp with the guy smokin a big doobie on the cover


Aveek from India said...

My request is:

Stray - Houdini
Stray - Stand Up & Be Counted
Stary - Live At The Marquee
Rhinoceros - Same

Anonymous said...


yann said...

Have a nice summer, Lisa, and take your time. We'll keep on visit your great blog. Music goes on.

I could have many requests even if i like surprises.
Maybe those :
Avarta - anemos
Burnin Red Ivanhoe - s/t
Continuum - s/t
Eden - erwartung
Fleur de Lis - facing morning
Fuchsia - s/t
Haizea - s/t + hontz gaua
Horse - s/t
Kalevala - people no names
Piirpauke - 1 & 2
Quintessence - in blissful company
Triana - hijos del agobio


Karel said...

Thanks for all the great music!


Wizz Jones
Ian A. Anderson (not the Jethro Tull Ian)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the fist wooden horse album....
But can't seem to find it anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for your amazing blog.

I've posted this request on a few blogs with no luck. I've really been hunting for this new psych group called Silver Sunshine, they are from California. I've read some reviews and they get compared to The Move, Tomorrow, Pink Floyd and The Beatles among others. I've been looking for either their first s/t full length or their new EP "A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit". If you could help, it would be very, very appreciated. Thanks and keep up the great work!!

Fuin said...

Well, I guess that I'll start unoriginally enough with a thank you for a most exelent blog.

Then, my little request:
Zippo Zetterlink - In The Poor Sun

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

I have some of the stuff you guys requested which can be found at other blogs.
Pekka Streng - KESÄMAA can be found at
Pererin-Haul ar yr Eira can be found at
You can use the ctrl+f search on them.

And now for my any Latif Bolat?


ARGENTO said...

I would like to thank you for all the beautiful music you share with us. If possible, I hope you can post in the future any of the following albums:

Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes "Passions" (1979)
Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes "Le Temps de L'autre" (1976)
Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes "Ame Debout" (1971)
Catherine Ribeiro+Alpes (1970)
Catherine Ribeiro+2Bis (1969) (France)

Gracious! "This is..." (UK)

Capability Brown "Voice" (UK)

Labanda "Fiesta Campestre" (Spain)

Luis Llach "Viatge a Itaca" (Spain)

Banda do Casaco "Coisas do Arco da Velha" (Portugal)

Pan "Pan" (Danmark)

Best wishes.

Dmitri said...

to Fuin/John; Zippo Zetterlink is available online, check here

propylaen2001 said...

Hi Lisa,

I am desperately looking for a vinyl rip of the privately released LP "Mandarine" of the French band Ex Vitae:
Apparently it was never released on cd.

Do you possibly happen to have this one?
Many thanks in advance.