Sunday, July 02, 2006

Faubourg de Boignard - La Ravine (1995)

Faubourg’s Music is traditional French from central France but anybody would be forgiven if they thought it had heavy traditions] African touch and at the same time was a cross between soft rock and jazz.One of the seven members of the band, Didier Gris, explained backstage
that their music is a fusion of rock, European traditional, oriental and African music.It is a rich melting pot of several instruments - the bagpipe, the diatonic accordion, violin, drums, mandolin, guitar, bass guitar, bouzouki and the human voice. Lusaka -ZAMBIE, Sunday Mail February 11, 2001

Faubourg De Boignard

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Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup!

1. L'addition
2. La Demi Seconde
3. Fil Et Bobine
4. Bibracte,Alesia
5. Harco
6. A Cabaleira,Bistrad
7. L'arhangon
8. La Rauine
9. L'entracte
10. Ma Maitresse
11. Polkalogene,Sauce Tohate
12. Valse Duo

Salutations, Luc

K said...

La demi-seconde
Fil et bobine
Bibracte, Alésia
A cabaleira, bistrad
La ravine
Ma maîtresse
Polkalogène, sauce tomate
Valse duo


Kaserio said...

La même idée au même moment !

Stefan said...

a good find from Acousteak (a subdivision of the indie label Boucherie Productions)... look out for some Gabriel Yacoub too (same label)

Anonymous said...

Please, can you post again music folk: Blowzabella, Malicorne, La Bamboche,...?
Many thanks from Italy...