Sunday, July 02, 2006

Jox - Joxifications (1982)

France. Excellent progressive folk with medieval & GENTLE GIANT touches, private press.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed this - two long suite-type tracks (19 and 21 minutes) and two shorter ones. The suites with their changes of mood and tempo might appeal to prog fans with an ear for folk. The first suite is basically acoustic with vocals, guitar, bass, wind instruments and piano, but other keyboards and electric guitar appear from time to time. The second one is instrumental and has a bit more electric keyboard - this track has some echoes of Gryphon's most proggy album Red Queen To Gryphon Three. Fans of Mike Oldfield might also give this album a try(the second suite souns a bit like Platinum - the track - in places).
Thanks for this one - it's obviously very rare!

PS Does anyone know the names of the tracks?

The Herbalist said...

Lisa, track names please?

Anonymous said...

Please, anyone .... the track names!

Anonymous said...

Great music - any chance of a track listing?

swan said...

Tracklist would be fine!


Anonymous said...

Dessous les lauriers blancs
Promenade au gré des vagues
Millesime 80

Projet pour une balade sur les cimes
Secondes noces

newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for the tracklist - not sure how this fits with the four tracks on the album though!

luisman said...

Very enjoyable album, full of beautiful mood...thx 4 sharing!

SonicA said...

Would it be possible to re-up this one? Merci.