Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sourdeline - La Reine Blanche (1976)

FANTASTIC French FOLK PROG ROCK. One of the best & most highly sought after French LPs.

Prehistoire Du Folk

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Anonymous said...

Nice record - not sure that there's much prog in it (according to my definition) - it's traditional sounding folk, all acoustic. My favourite was the instrumental title track. All very enjoyable, in a quiet way.

There's a very short burst of rock in track three, but I think this is an error - it sounds like another band altogether that's got in by mistake!

Thanks for all this French stuff - mostly unknown in the English-speaking world. Great too be able to discover it here!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the same artist that did the cover of Procol harum's first (1967) album. Very similar ladies and flowers at their feet.

Ed said...

Great album, Lisa.
May be you can find Dandelion? I love that LP but it's too much expensive and I don't know if it has been reissued on CD.
The female voice is very nice and there is a song sung in italian "Sono una farfalla" (I'm a butterfly).
Ciao, from Italy.

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Record - but Song 3 is destroyed.
Can You Rip it again ?

Anonymous said...

Very Nice Album - but Track Three is destroyed - cut you please be so nice and rip it again ?

kind regards ron

arbor said...

thanks so much for this one I love it!