Thursday, July 09, 2009

Alain Buro - Fume, C'est du Belge (1975)

Alain Buro - vocals, guitars, piano, synthesizer, flute, sitar, bells
Eric de Wolf - vocals, bass
Robert Beleyn - guitar
Gerry D'Ayers - percussion, drums
This rare and unsung album is vaguely similar to Ange and Atoll, but less sophisticated and symphonic and more powerful. The tracks are song-based with French lyrics, but with excellent guitar work. The members were located in Brussels - to underline their origin the front cover was taken from the legendary Brussels café Mort Subite. (RD/DEA) taken from Asbjørnsen's "Scented Gardens Of The Mind". Link


kosice said...

Hi Lisa,

thank you for posting this rare album! I have not heard of Alain Bruno before so I am pleasantly surprised how good this album is. I would describe it in a word as "elegant"... melodic and warm prog rock, not as theatrical and complicated as some similar bands from the era - which is a good thing. Really, really nice.


Dairos777azz said...

Very good belgian, very french romantic flavored album.