Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The French Folk Magic Time Guide

A great new comprehesive PRICE GUIDE for every FOLK vinyl collector om this planet has seen the light of day! The "FRENCH FOLK MAGIC TIME GUIDE", a fantastic cover book of all the rarest collectable French FOLK LP's released between 1965 and 1989. Over 1000 collectables french vinyls with album covers in full color, value, label and rarity indication !!! Including a wide range of FOLK MUSIC LPs, singles & ep's, divided in the follwing chapters: FOLK ROCK/ PROGRESSIVE & TRADITIONAL FOLK/ ANCIENT MUSIC/ POP FOLK/ ACID FOLK/ XIAN FOLK/ ENCHANTING FOLK/ SONGSTERS/ MECHANICAL MUSIC/ AVANT-GARDE FOLK/ FRENCH SPEAKING FOLK. An indispensable guide with the most expensive folk albums from every part of France. A PRIVATE LIMITED EDITION printed in glossy paper, containing 14 sections/chapters, a book-mark and a cover illustrated by French underground drawer Mattt Konture. THOSE OF YOU FAMILIAR WITH THE BOOKS OF HANS POKORA CAN EXPECT THE SAME TYPE OF LAY-OUT AND VALUE INDICATION. EXTREMELY WELL-DONE!!! Buy

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Unknown said...

Hello Lisa.
First saw this book on your blog. After some searching and asking people who know much about French folk I bought one fromthe writer (or one of the writers).
There is not much info in the book, but the photos, the headings such as acid folk and progfolk give good leads to search in discogs and in blogs. Fortunately on your blog are much titles from the book, like Didier Bonin, Avaric and Veronique Chalot. Beautiful music!
So thanks for drawing my attention to this book.