Sunday, July 12, 2009

Babylon - Babylon (1978)

Babylon was one of those obscure prog rock bands whose album sadly never received anything received anything more than a local distribution when they existed. The album can be best identified because of the alien on the cover, and with what looks like a hand grabbing the alien's head. But they created some of the best prog rock to exist in the U.S. Musically they're influenced by Genesis, with Tony Banks like keyboards (only the keyboards here include the Minimoog, ARP Omni, RMI electric piano, piano, and something called an Orchestron, which is something like a Mellotron that operates on flimsy, plastic optical discs, rather than a rack of tapes), vocals that bring to mind Peter Gabriel (only more dramatic), Hackett-like guitars, and some incredible complex drumming.


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Anonymous said...

Not a masterpiece but a good album. I find the vocals nearest from Jon Anderson than Peter Gabriel.
Thanks a lot for post it.

Anonymous said...