Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fynn McCool - Fynn McCool (1970)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot! I bought their single (track 1) in 1970, haven't listened to it in years. Not a superior band nor a masterpiece but reminds me of my youth.

Cheers from Paris, France

The Shake Spears Alan Escombe said...

Thanks for your comment (and buying the record). I was bass player in Fynn McCool and can let you know that we were very unhappy with the record company concerning the single they released as it was not a real illustration of what the band was about.After all these years I finally re-mastering the LP and making it sound the way it should have sounded originally.
We were often in Paris in 1970/71 and played The Olympia with Sly and the Family Stone, and also regularly played at the Rock and Roll Circus in Rue de Seine. Fantastic Club !!Hope you can get to hear the re-mastered LP with the REAL Fynn McCool.
Best wishes to all
Alan Escombe

zappahead said...

Thanks Lisa for sharing this one....really good stuff.....very much obliged to you....cheers.

Ian Hardy said...

I have the Fynn McCool album - I was living in the same hostel in Muswell Hill as their manager, Jim somebody, who ran a pink jag. He'd previously managed the Small faces for a while (or so he said).