Monday, July 27, 2009

Nemo - Nemo (1973)

A mix of funk, rock, jazz fusion. Mainly instrumental. Good stuff and features Francois Breant, who later had some success as a solo artist. No CD exists.


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Anonymous said...

Merci for Nemo
I've been looking for years after that music
Because of the lack of success, these guys became Bernard Lavilliers' band for his best era.


Anonymous said...

This group could be seen as a fusion of the groups Ergo Sum and Cruciferius (adding the drummer Clement Bailly from Tryptique). Like these bands, Nemo used English lyrics and played dynamic jazz-rock with some hints of "zeuhl" rock in the throbbing bass lines. In other places the cool funky electric piano and ethnic hand percussion are not unlike 70's Santana. Nemo emphasized rock melodies, though, offering a couple of gems among the 8 tracks. These range from the straight-forward hippie-rock of "Straight Man" to the reflective instrumental "Grandeur Et Misere Du Perou". Not among the really top albums but still worth investigation due to excellent musicianship.

Dairos777azz said...

Like always french progressive scene is surprising. A bit of french sinfonic here with great jazz canterburian tales and very personal cut. Great like Moving Gelatine Plates.