Sunday, January 13, 2008

Blogging Mess

Dear Friends!

First of all Happy New Year - we didn't speak for a long time ;)

As you may noticed already almost all links from my posts for the last months were removed from rapidshare. The similar situation on some of our friends blogs as well. I'm curious to understand the nature of these deletions. I must admit that in the past I did uploads of albums currently available & reissued - so the copyright owners had all the rights to remove the links infringing their copyright. Guilty. But for me the main advantage of blogging was to share & find rare out of print or never legally reissued material. Please tell me whose rights I infringed posting:

Nadavati - Le Vent De L'esprit Souffle Ou Il Veut (1973)
Avalanche - Perseverence Kills Our Game (1979)
The Falcons - Fever (1970)
Sourdeline - La Reine Blanche (1976)
Tarentule - Same (1977)
Tanzbar - Missethaten (1979)
Tanzbar - Tanzbar (1978)
Crossbreeze - Same (1974)
Edelweiss - En El Principio (1973)
Chalibaude - Les Noces Du Papillon (1976)
Madrigal - School Of Time (1977)
P.P. Zahl - Alle Turen Offen (1978)
John Bassman Group - Filthy Sky (1970) & others? None of these albums are currently available neither been legally reissued.

Funny, this situation forced me into blogging again ;) I'll thoroughly check all my posts from the beginning & will re-up only oop or never legally reissued albums. For all others I'll put the link to the reissue labels .

The other question is why nobody ever approach me to remove this or that link? I got the impression that our old friend deleter had returned & using all this situation around ProgRock Records & ProgNotFrog... ;)

Looking forward for your comments on this matter. And I'm especially waiting for the person putting complaints on rapidshare to explain his motivations.

Sincerely yours,
Lisa Sinder

P.S.: Comment here on the albums you would like to see re-upped in the first turn (if the album not available you'll receive the link)


Robert Charbonnier said...

I discovered your blog quite recently and I was happy that all the records I'd like to hear had not been deleted. I thank you for that.

Sorry, I have no idea why some files are deleted and others no, I usually don't keep track of the files I upload (I don't know if this is good, but that's what I do).

Anonymous said...

Let me start off by saying that I am SO GLAD that you are back on!! I remember around Christmas Eve the majority of the links were still there, then the next day simply idea why. But here is my little list of what I would love to see up again...and thanks a lot for all your hard work

Sonerien Du
La Bottine Souriante
Machin (not all are gone I think)
La Bamboche

Thanks again!

jer0nim0 said...

I am sorry to hear that someone has killed your uploads. I used to run a record store here in Melbourne, and we would frequently recommend curious customer's to websites such as yours to research their interests in order to stimulate their desire to purchase items in our store. These retailers who are maliciously deleting all of your work, they are bitter people who do not see people like you are keeping the enthusiasm alive. Please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa!

Good to see you back among us (because we're all here!). Well, I guess some people just don't understand non profit activities - especially, maybe, when they try to make a bargain out of it. Let's do something! What about a petition, demanding Rapidshare to check the deleters's complains?

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not really sure of what I'm talking about, but I have an opinion, maybe not even too original.
Why should a major label ask to rapidshare to remove a link? Would they really pay someone to check all the links provided every hour? Naw, sounds quite impossible.
The only brands involved could be thieves like radioactive(dead), fallout or similar, nothing else than bootleggers. And dealers? Mmmmm... maybe afraid of keeping useless staff on their shelves?
Just suspicions, I know, but quite logical, isn't it?
Bye all and thanks Lisa for the job, mostly for what done in the past, and welcome back to blogging.
Frank from Italy

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa!

Would you please re-up Steamed by Calliope? Or give me the link where to buy it?

Thanks so much in advance!


Anonymous said...

You act like you really should do! we just kneel down in your homage!
-- Folks from Russia, namely
Michael R
thanx for your great work!!

Anonymous said...

if you go, then some other people go, what will we see? scorched earth ruled by those "righkeepers"? you'll go down in history - among those who kept against all odds... what a fine way to be a (WO)MAN!! I believe, things will change... there's just no other way! hold on!
---Michael R

Anonymous said...

is your NEMESIS!!!!!
Don't worry he doesn't have long time left.
Chill baby we are all safe to play.
Lovely stuff you have xxx

Anonymous said...

hi lisa, thanks for your great blog.

if you've got some rare prog disco or disco prog i'd love if you could post it!