Friday, June 12, 2020


Dear Friends!!!

Hope you all stay safe. I'm gonna reupp many non active links. Plus loads of albums ready to go.

Any suggestions, your own rips - feel free ;)

So, don't hang around, stay home & enjoy good music!




NDW in process

Plus all requests in comments will be fullfilled in first turn. When your request appear in the comments - the album is UP)


Moahaha said...

Hi, I managed to bin both:

Larry And Myra - Eat the Day
Marie Celeste - And Then Perhaps mistake, so if you'd reuploaded those two I'd be very grateful.

-thanks for tons of great discoveries over the years!

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

thanks for your great music selection, i discovered a lot of gems here. Can you reup Östro 430 - Weiber wie wir?

i hope you are somewhere with sunny weather at least ;)

tarkus said...

I've already asked some time ago about: Naif - Atlas, which you had posted some years ago. Unfortunately my HDD malfunctioned and I lost the album. Could you find and upload it again? As for the coronavirus situation, we have an almost lockdown in Greece. I'm staying in for at least 3 weeks getting out only to walk around my neighborhood for about half an hour, two days a week and after getting a special permit for that via SMS. So, I'm listening to music for almost 24 hours a day! To every body else: stay safe, good luck and take care of your own!

espm06 said...

Dear Linda!
I'm appreciated you. This site is beautiful and magic. Success!
Please, could you reup this dead link: 5th Ball Gang - Medium Cool (1976)?
Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Great Idea,
a re-up of the Outta Place albums would be great. Thank you.
Keep up the great work
Eric from france

Superlistener said...

Thank you for keeping working at your great blog even in these horrible days. I wish the best for you
Marco from Italy

willie said...

thank you kindly

Jorge said...

Hi dear Lisa; stay safe and keep on the execellent work here! :)

Dante D said...

I will Definitely stay home for This!

Dave said...

could you reup Edge - Edge (1970)


ayamos said...

Hi thanks For the great Music. it warms the heart!
More psychedelic folk Pls.

rev.b said...

Hi Lisa, so nice of you to ask. A few years back, I made a list of things you had posted that looked interesting, although the links were dead. I've never done that with any other music blog, before or since. Somehow I must have known you would ask one day. I’ve pruned this down, but it’s still a pretty long list. Thanks in advance for these and for all the great music you’ve clued me into over the years. Trusting you’re well and your hands are spotless! BTW, will they be reposted here at the top or should I check the original posts?
Spjärnsvallet - Spjärnsvallet (1975)

Patrick Vian – Bruits Et Temps Analogues (1976)

Cervello - Melos (1973)

Agapè - Le Troisième Seuil (1972) (?)

Antithesis - Antithesis (1972)

Ra Can Row - Ra Can Row (1982)

Confluence - Arkham (1977)

Confluence - 4 Voyages (1976)

Arica – Arica (1972)

Super Freego - Pourquoi Es-Tu Si Méchant? (1982)

Graced Lightning - The Graced Lightning Side (1972)

Don Shinn - Takes a Trip (1969)

Don Shinn - Departures (1969)

S. O. S. – S. O. S. (1975)

Frommox - Here To There (1969)


eduardo said...


that's possible reupp both doggerel bank?

grats eduardo

BlindBuzzard said...

Hi been enjoying your blog for a few years , can u re up the albums by chemistry set (uk) and Flyte Reaction please ? Thank u :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! Would you be so kind to re-up the albums by THE PSYCHOTIC TURNBUCKLES please!? Thanks in advance!

NAL said...

thank you very much for garage revival.And then for acid rock...Nick, Greece.

rev.b said...

Sweet! What cabin fever? I don't have time for cabin fever, I'm too busy! I'll never forget your kindness.

GrafZeppelin said...

A reupload for Ulysses: The Greek Suite by A440 would be marvelous! Thank you for running this website!

Destroyer1985 said...

Pastori Pohjalainen & Defiers - Pastori Pohjalainen & Defiers (1974)

Woodoo - Taikakulkunen (1971)

T. T. Oksala - Radio Storm (1978)

Lemon - Lemon (1970)

and THANK YOU for all your effort!

Anonymous said...

I really liked Ruscigan ‎- Viaggio Nel Domani (1972). More like that would be much appreciated.

Cheers and Thanks again.

Truity1967 said...

Hello Lisa

So many great albums to ask for, but i'll try to keep it light...

-Blue Epitah 'Ode'
-Finn Maccuill 'Sink ye swim ye'
-Shide and acorn 'Princess of the island' and 'The legend of dream stones'
-Evensong 'Evensong'
-Ferris Wheel 'Supernatural girl'
-Les Temps Heureux 'En ces jours'

...and yes, i find this kind of music even more important during these times.

Thanks a lot for all your work.


Jean-Jacques Mura said...

Thanks for all the pebbles (!) on the Garage Revival part.

Destroyer1985 said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for all your posts and great blog.

re-up sugestions:

Lemon - Lemon (1970)

T. T. Oksala - Radio Storm (1978)

Woodoo - Taikakulkunen (1971)

Pastori Pohjalainen & Defiers - Pastori Pohjalainen & Defiers (1974)

Don Dazzle said...

thank you for the amazing music! stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Hi could you reupp Rumpelstilz and Ping Pong (both Swiss)? That would be appreciated very much!

Jose said...

Jack Intveld - I'll Sing for Life LP.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa--- hope you are doing well.

I'd like to request a re-up of Pascal Duffard - Dieu est Fou. Thanks you very much in advance!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa could you reup Jean-Claude Vincent - Lettre au passé

Anonymous said...

Hi! Full Moon - Euphoria (1992) Thanks!

spunkie said...

Hi lisa can you reup Jerry Busch – The Demo Tapes (1976)

rev.b said...

Lisa, I'd love to listen to these if you please,

Don Shinn - Takes a Trip (1969)

Don Shinn - Departures (1969)

S. O. S. – S. O. S. (1975)

Frommox - Here To There (1969)

Thank you for making life more musical!

Anonymous said...

No requests, just hope you and family are ok, digital cheers from Argentina.

richardstempkoski said...

Hi Lisa, Can you help with any of these rarities>

Thank You so much.

blindbuzzard said...

Hi Lisa , great blog, thanks for all the great music, i would ask if you could re up the albums by the Flyte Reaction and Chemistry Set , thank u :)

spunkie said...

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love - Green Morning Baby (2000) Thanks Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hello I fond a few titles I would appreciate re-ups.
Mind Doctors On the threshold of reality 1976
Made in Sweden Live at the golden circle 1970
Crossbreeze S/T 1974
Much thanks bob.


Thanks for sharing wonderful music.
I don't know if it was posted sometime, but do you have the LP "Genuine" from Wapassou?
I would love to hear it again.
Many Thanks!!

Rochacrimson said...

Hi Lisa !
Just a request for a album if someonoe has this vinyl-rip in mp3 :
Casablanca - Casablanca (UK 1973) Soul,psych,jazz,funk.
Hope that you are ok and all members from this blog.

Anonymous said...


Destroyer1985 said...

Thank you very much, Lisa! Take care!

ushaped said...

Hello Lisa, hope you are doing well during quarantine! Any chance you have the self-titled Lyonesse from 1974?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
many thanks for all those treasures.

Is it possible to re-up 'ensemble pittoresque -the art of being'
thanks again.


Truity1967 said...

Hello Lisa

Thanks for the re-ups. I have a second batch of requests if you don't mind.

-Celebration 'Old green village'

-Jason David 'Cold town sky'

-Denis 'Denis'

-Celebrated Ratliffe Stout Band 'Dan half dan & spaceman' and 'Behind the mask'

-Miles Martin Folk Group 'Miles Martin Folk Group'

-Mac Murrough 'Mac Murrough'

-Courtyard Music Group ' Just our way of saying hello'

-Cuckoo 'Iona'

Thanks a lot and have a nice Sunday.


moxnix said...

Looking for Furr - Furr (1977) glam rock type lp, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey sometimes I feel the need to teletransport and hug people like you helping to keep some sanity through music. Some are realizing just now how important inteligent blogging is in our times.
Thanks from the heart.

Truity1967 said...

Many thanks for the re-ups

Nargile57 said...

Bitter Blood Street Theatre, both volumes, 1 and 2, please. And thank you for all the wonderful sounds uploaded here, a real musical education,

BlindBuzzard said...

Thank u very much , a very happy Buzzard :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I have enjoyed hundreds of hours listening to albums you've uploaded. I always like Musial Janeens on Plurex dutch label if you can find that and maybe Woorden and there was some other dutch guy who did cassettes of weird stories, William or Wilhem ? in the 90s I think.

2 of your recent uploads I really enjoy are Bear Mountain Band and Someone's Band!

ComadrejaPep said...

Thank you for all!!!!

Slidewell said...

Time to return the favor.

60,000,000 Buffalo-(1972) Nevada Jukebox @320

Affinity-(1970) Affinity @320

Africa-(1968) Music from Lil Brown @320

Aorta-(1969) ST @192
Aorta-(1970) 2 @192

Barbara & Ernie-(1971) Prelude To @320

Barry Melton-(1970) Bright Sun Is Shining @320

Bethlehem Asylum-Commit Yourself @256

Brownsville Station-(1970) NO BS @192

Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys-(1969) The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away @192

Chilli Willi & the Red Hot Peppers-(1972) Kings of the Robot Rhythm @320

Chunky, Novi & Ernie (1974) ST @192

Coulson Dean McGuiness Flint-(1972) Lo and Behold @192

These will be up for a limited time. Maybe a month. More to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been looking for Takashi Toyoda's lullaby album ... Thanks if possible.

folky said...


topher44 said...

Hello! I just requested - The Alchemysts - Over and Out re-up?

Thank you!

gnidr said...

Beda Folk reup would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

please reup

Sean said...

Would love to see a re-up for Xhol Altena 1969. And thank you for taking reader suggestions!

Anonymous said...

Cosmology please.

Phil Lombard said...


Would you kind to re-up Creepy Layne : Let the rebels rock (320 kbps if possible)?
Thank you.



Oozlum said...


I'm kindly requesting following music to be reposted. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful shares posted so far!

Persephony - To Those Who Love Us (1977)
File has expired and does not exist anymore on this server (Zippyshare)

Also very much appreciated will be any xian psych (prog) or electronic/experimental/ndw/rock and Avant-garde Experimental Folk

Thanks & Stay Safe!


Phil Lombard said...

Hi Liza

Would you kind to re-up "White chocolate" (1973) ?

Thank you a lot !


Phil Lombard said...

Hi Liza,

Ist is also possible you re-up MACKS CREEK BAND 1980 ?
Thank you a lot.


A Psychedelic Mess said...

HI Lisa
Would love to get the Webcore - Webcore Webcore lp via mega or mediafire
if possible? zippyshare seems to be banned in the uk, which is a real drag.

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up the Zauberfinger albums? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dizzy Positivity - if you download the free Browsec app it disguises where you are logging in from. I'm based in the UK and have set it to show I'm from the Netherlands and Zippyshare now works perfectly.


Caleb said...

Hi there - Any chance you have Steve Mendenhall and Nancy Thrasher - Sands of Time (1970)? If so, could you please share?

mick8535 said...

OMG!!! I just discovered this blog today as I was letting my fingers (typing) and ears (listening) dictate my Internet travels. I am so thankful, this is really special, especially in these DARK and troubled times. Plus I am an American, and we have the trauma of Donald Trump at hand. WONDERFUL music!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great blog!!!

If possible, I would love for you to reupp these two albumns by the Vietnam Veterans:
In Ancient Times (1986)
Green Peas (1985)

Thanks so much and stay safe!


oli said...

hi Lisa, i never succeed to find The Batmen albums you posted 5 years ago. so it would be a real gift if you can reup it

anyway, thanks a lot for the unique and special discoveries i made here <3

espm06 said...

Thank you very much, Lisa, for all new links repost in NDW! Great job!!!!!

espm06 said...

Hi Linda!
Thank you very much for this and other great jobs!
Please, could you repost this link:
S. Ramses ‎– Secret (1978) (Label from France).
Thanks a lot!

frumious bandersnatch said...

Hi Lisa,
it would be great if you could repost this one :

I've been reading many praises about this LP recently...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

reup suggestion:

Duty Cycle - Nero (1974)

Anonymous said...

Please repost Videoclips - Deutsche Amouren (1982) if possible. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

And all from EMAK.

Thanks in advance.

Progboy68 said...

Hi! Could you repost these 2 albums!
Laura - Laura (1980) and Laura - Colis Postal (1981)
Thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

wow i just discovored your blog its a dream come true good work

is it possible please to reup Highway (1975) please please

thank u and rock on stay safe

angel said...

Hi Lisa

Not sure if I'm late on requesting but i'll try.
Could you please re-up The Petals (both LP's). It'd make my day really

Thank you and take care

Sadness said...

left comment on your original post of Cloud Nine..
hope alls well still. Lisa. tyvm

Rochacrimson said...

Sorry Lisa..i forgot that here is the section for re-ups and suggestions.
If possible the re-up of Octobre - L'autoroute des reves (1977).
Thank you!

FC Campbell said...

Hello Lisa, I would be forever grateful if you re-upped "Virgin Insanity - Illusions of the Maintenance Man (1971)"
Many thank for all your great work, this blog is truly an Aladdin's cave of treasures.

CJ said...

Hi Lisa, if you have any Hammerfest it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!