Sunday, January 13, 2008

Folk a L'Ame - Tempus Fugit (1997)

This band (Flute, violin, guitar, tin whistle, bohdran, drums & percussion) performs folk and sometimes rock music very influenced by the principal monochord vocals and the choral repeat of theme parts. It evokes MELUSINE, but the band gets its roots from a very old musical wealth, in order to then blend tradition with evolution, so that to perform a Celtic-Occitan folk-rock. They associate modern arrangements to traditional instruments in a perpetually creating mind. A lot of varied sounds and beautiful instrumental parts.

1. Les poules huppes
2. Passe-vent
3. Perfid jail
4. Festoyerie
5. Turlutu/Mazurka de Lapleau
6. Connivence
7. Le tailleur de pierres
8. Alienor
9. L'oiseau
10. Les Filles sont comme les roses/Reily's reel

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Kindly shared by Mr. Matty Groves


Anonymous said...

I was looking for this record for years! You've been posting beautiful music. Thank you.


arbor said...

could you check the link for this one? I think it is gone thanks alot

arbor said...

you're the best, thanks for putting this back up