Monday, January 14, 2008

TOuCH - Traumwerk 1 (1980)


Anonymous said...

Just fell off my chair. Granted it's on wheels on a slick surface, but this is an impossible to find album which made me quite ecstatic to see offered and I'm a bit of klutz.

Anyhoo, the real point...please accept my most sincere thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wow,this a rare gem!!!
Thank you so much!
Keep on the good work!!!Paul.

Anonymous said...

hello lisa sinder,
me too fell off my chair,´
to see the works of tommy and me
here. Oh, you say it right, a very rare gem, but not too rare: i have some few records left in my cellar.
so if you want them, tell me.

Franz said...

Hey Lisa, great, great, great blog. Especially the psych prog category, I keep on discovering new crazy music.

Any luck you could reupload TOuCH's Traumwerk 1? I can't find it anywhere.