Sunday, January 13, 2008

Nasty Pop - Nasty Pop (1975)

UK powerpop. Posted by request

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Tom said...

I love you, absolutely... I'm staggered. Many, many thanks.

I bought Nasty Pop's debut on its release, and had the follow-up as well. Both were "permanently borrowed" a few years later, and neither of them have been re-issued, at least to my knowledge. This has been a long tme coming.

Rather like The Winkies, Nasty Pop were sufficiently attuned to the zeitgeist to know that change (in the guise of punk) was coming, yet were too wrapped up in the glam/pub/art modes of the mid-70s to make much of a genre-shattering commotion themselves.

Still and all, edgy for its day, and very welcome on this early morning!


Anonymous said...

wow this is interesting. OH and Tom, you are an informed poster!

sj ogro said...

oof! i'm too late, any chance for a repost? love your work, cheers!

Anonymous said...

can you please repost this?

Anonymous said...

I had the LP. I had given up hope of ever hearing it again. I am a very happy person.

Anonymous said...

It's strange, I was 8 in 1975 and my father was friends with the band and helped produce the album, it's my handwriting by the way, i wrote nasty pop and have my credit, jason wesley, on the sleeve and back of album. Still remember sitting with my friends when Crow was played on radio 1, fabulous days at the manor in oxford, oh, and my dad owned a tenth of virgin at the time, bad move there pa.

henry said...

Hi - Just to say many many thanks for providing this link - I'm playing the tracks now. I have the LP but have no way to get a clean digitization - this album is something I have longed to get on mp3. ou did my a very large service here..... Very grateful.