Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kaarst - From Our Friends To Our Friends & II (1976)

Hard to find KRAUTROCK PRIVATE PRESSING LP: by a group called " KAARST- from our friends to our friends " made in 1976.LIMITED EDITION- record of only a few 100 Copies were made, today nearly impossible to get in any condition.
Great psych folk kraut record with male and female lead and also back vocals, great guitar, percussion, flute and e-piano. Sung in english.Hans Pokoraa underrated this LP in his 4001 book with only 2 stars.
9 member band feat. UWE OCHSENKNECHT, famous german actor ( das BOOT / U96 )any many other movies.He is playing bongos-congas- and have some back vocals.

Kaarst - From Our Friends to Our Friends (1976)

Kaarst - 2 (1977)


Anonymous said...

Hello once again

I have fixed song 4 on part 1 so ir unzips as a file and not blank..

I had to open up the zip and change the file name to Fur Cat instead of using those . . above the u .
Maybe since i'm using a computer with english in USA it didn't understand the u that way...

Now if i can only get track 5 to play right..half way through it sounds like it's speeded up and plays like it's in fast motion..

Does it work fine for you

also can you let me know if anyone else is having trouble with this .rar file.


Anonymous said...

If someone has the song Liesels Jahres
Track 5 from the part 1 of this great LP. And it plays fine..

Could you please upload it to rapidshare
and post the link..

I'd really love to have this track..
for some reason i can't get this track to play right from the .rar file

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with Nr. 5, sems to be the best one, a 19 min. opus but it is dameged, the CD from where it was ripped was the problem ... lets see , we wait.


Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with that Liesels Jahres track as the person above. It seems like a corrupted file. The other tracks play fine. I must admit I was rather confused about the two parts, but I'm assuming it was a double LP and the photo only shows one part. This is fun music to listen to for curiosity, but I think I would also give it only 2 stars. The fake Latin stuff is pretty cheesy and the English singing is a little embarassing. I love hearing this rare music though, even if only for one spin!

Max said...

I really enjoyed this one--thanks. The star (or lp's) system in Pokoraa's books, however, refers to the rarity of the record not the quality.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

This is just the Album called:
Kaarst - Kaarst 2 (1977)

The Album:
Kaarst - From Our Friends To Our Friends (1976)
is missing!

But don't is here, get From Our Friends To Our Friends here:

Here is a small Front Cover for Kaarst 2 Album:

Byte Bandit

basso said...

Hi there,
just wanted to let you guys know that I posted Kaarst's "Man Spricht Deutsch" LP here:

Grey Sc said...

I bought this lp yesterday for 2 euros, it's amazing.
I did not know this band and I love it.

Anonymous said...

I'm also desperate for a working copy of the last track (side B) of the second Kaarst album... it is definitely not just you having trouble playing it, the file is from a dodgy cd burn of a vinyl rip. I know that sound well... :-(