Monday, January 14, 2008

Dr Tree - Dr Tree (1976)


Anonymous said...

Hi Friend

Very good album Dr. Tree, unfortunately the last part of the tune Vulcan World is missing. Can you check the rip please?


Arturo Ojeda
Santiago, CHILE

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! been looking for this for a while now... keep up the good work

PaulNZ said...

Doctor Tree

Dr Tree

Dr Tree, Auckland, 25 November 2007

Dr Tree, the extra-terrestrial mind-blower in the award winning play "An Awful Silence" would be no match for these musical wizards.
Formed in 1974, with Frank Gibson Jnr- drums; Murray McNabb-keyboards; Martin Winch-guitar; Kim Patterson-Trumpet; and the late Johnny Banks- percussion. From the days of hippy madness, long hair and platform shoes.
The first fusion band in New Zealand, critics have groped to describe it: rock-jazz fusion, afro-rock, afro-jazz- a mind blowing musical experience. Managed by Charlie Grey and Colin Moore in the 70's, this critically acclaimed group played wherever they could; on The Grunt machine, radio, TV, festivals and were known for intense adrenalin inspired performances and standing room only, with a line going down to Queen St at the Old Globe Hotel from 1976 until April 1977 when drummer Frank Gibson left for London.
Well they're back and they’re returning to the stage!They will play 2 Sets - First set 5pm
Tickets From Ticketek & Real Groovy

Critics said:
The best jazz last night came in the form of Dr Tree. Here was raw but vital jazz. The ability of the musicians was dazzling. - B.O.P. Times
As good as any similar group in Europe. - Jan Byrezek Editor in Chief of the European Jazz Magazine Forum

When: Sunday, 25 November 2007
Times: From 5pm
Where: The Kings Arms Tavern, Auckland

Yours paul

upkerry14 said...

Amazing album! I wish they'd record again. Thanks! B

Steve S said...

Thanks very much for this - unfortunately part of Vulcan Worlds is indeed missing.