Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ezhevika Needs

Dear Friends!

If you have time, wish & possibility to help please take a look at Ezhevika Needs. Your help is very much appreciated.

Thank you,


Yann said...

I've read your interesting whishlist and found some albums with available links in different blogs :

pugh's place - west one :

wildfire - smokin' :

gash - a young man's gash
(from 8 Days In April) :

The camarata... - electric spirit of E satie :

East Bionic Symphonia - live

Ivory - sad cypress :

Christine McVie :
or :

Ponce pilate :

I hope everyone works well. If not i can upload the 3 first ones.


ARF said...

Hi Lisa,

have just read your WANTED - list. Are you looking for MP3 - Files or the real thing (BUY) ???

Anyway ... some of them were posted during the last years somewhere in Blogger - country.

GASH - look at 8days (active)
TOUCH - Krautrockteam (active)
MAGDEBURG - ??? (will up on REQ)
PHUG's PLACE (NL) - Orion or Chrisgoes
IVORY - ??? (will up on REQ)
CRESS - ??? (will up on REQ)

Maybe some other guys will have the ??? - Links available, so I will wait some days. Otherwise I will up it for your. A few more are very familar to me, but I haven't dl - maybe I'm able to find the sources again.

btw - Thanks for all the posted music :-))

ARF (regular visitor)

Lost In Tyme said...

Hi Lisa !
I have and i can make shared in a few days at slsk (i'm not in my pc now)

East Bionic Symphonia - Recorded Live (July 13, 1976) (1976)

Kath - Kath 1 (1975)
you can found it also here : Link

The Kinetic - Live Your Life (1967)
you can found it also here : Link

Sacred Miracle Cave - Sacred Miracle Cave (1991)
you can found it also here : Link

Spiral Sky - Spiral Sky (1994)
you can found it also here : Link


Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Yann!

Thank you! Every link worked well! ;)

Take care,

quidtum said...

Sahib Shihab - "Seeds" is shared at the great Bacoso's blog:

Here's the direct link for your convenience, link is working while posting my comment:


Paul said...

Thanks for your great blog.

Han Bennink - Solo (1972)

Give me a little time and I'll up both Strawberry Zots and Tyrnaround...they're somewhere around here amongst too many CDs!

fuzztunnel said...

Lisa, the han bennink can be found here


Nils Tibor said...

Hi Lisa !

I found Barry Hay - Only Parrots, Frogs and Angels (1972) on Coco Vinyl Blogspot.

It's only in 128 Kbps


Chuy said...

Hola Lisa, I have the sakre and starglow energy. I will post the links here in a few days.



ProgLazarus said...

Hi Lisa,

I have the following as mp3 @192:

Joker's Memory:

Public Foot the Roman:

Tamalone - New Acres

Tortilla - Little Heroes

Thanks for all your great posts that I (and I'm sure others) have immensely enjoyed. Glad to be able to give back a little.


Anonymous said...

I hope these will help. It would be a pleasure to give something back to you.
Fairy Tale

This is Alice- Alice Lp Rip
The same as Alice -All Ice except
it is in french and is a much better version.The All Ice has a little different music as well if i remember right.

Take care and thanks for this wonderful blog


Lisa Sinder said...

Many thanks arf & quidtum!

Lisa Sinder said...

Thanks Paul! Looking forward!

Lisa Sinder said...

Thank you Rob!

Thank you Nils!

Hi Chuy - thank you - looking forward !

Hi Proglazarus - great selection, many, many thanks!

Hi doors97426 - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Here's the Et Cetra- Et Cetra germany


Don't know if you got it


kosice said...

Hi Lisa,

I don't have any of the albums you are looking for - but I have about 100 CDs from Czechoslovakia that are mostly out of print now. Mainly folky singer-songwriter category - let me know if you would like to hear some. I would like to re-pay your kindness somehow...


Paul said...


Here is the Tyrnaround CD - still looking for the Strawberry Zots.



Chuy said...

Lisa, here is the link for the Sakre album. I will post the Afterglow Energy later.



Chuy said...

Here is the Starglow Energy "Time machine" link as promised:



Lisa Sinder said...

Hi Paul & Chuy! Many thanks! Great!!!!

Serhiy said...

I can upload Jordi Sabatés - Ocells del Més Enllà (1975) if it is still needed. Let me know.

Anonymous said...

Hello, in case, you still need it, here's the link to Spectrum.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!

Saw your requests and attempted to match them with items in my collection (both inhouse and found via blog generosity). I can not say for certain if the Zots is a CD under a huge pile I've already uploaded...but here it is...

And, I am certain I got this via share...but I have no idea where (my I am only spreading the wealth. I hope you don't mind.)

Elderberry Jak - Long Overdue (1970) -

It's the LEAST I can do.

Thanks again for all the wonderful tunes!!!!!

Best regards,

esoterico said...


I can upload the P.T.Trunk album as well as the NOSTRADAMUS. BTW, the P.T. Trunk cover is not the original album, but a later repress.let me know if you still need these.

Serhiy said...

Lisa Sinder said...

Thank you, Serhiy!

Lisa Sinder said...

Hi esoterico!

Your uploads are very welcomed!

Thank you,

whiteray said...


As a token of thanks for the great music I've found at your blog, here's Sebastian's "Den Store Flugt," one of my favorite albums all-time!(192 kbps)

Stop by my blog, if you'd like.

Eliahu said...

hi, i have 2 albums from you request i post in my blog!.

Chek my blog. ENjoy!

Saludos from black acid blog�s!!

jhlee69 said...

Hi!Lisa,I have uploaded
Elderberry Jak - Long Overdue 1970 US
The 8th Day - The 8th Day 1971 US
to Black Acid Blog :

you can download from there.

Anonymous said...

You can find 8th Day here:

Thanks for all of the music.


Anonymous said...

Here is Shoot...


Mystery Poster said...

Available from PatrimoinePQ
LES ALEXANDRINS "Dans Le Double Jeu"

Available from Mystery Poster:


The Lad with the Goatskin said...

La Statale 17 & Emphasis here (courtesy of Delirium Dust):

apps79 said...

Hi Lisa...
as I an new at your site,checking your needs I saw among them an offshot band of MOOSE LOOSE named BLOW OUT...
if you're still interested here is the solution: