Monday, January 14, 2008

Tamalone - New Acres (1979)

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kosice said...

Thank you for posting this, Lisa! It is a pretty obscure melodic prog album from Holland - and what a great album this is. I liked it more and more after each track - at first I thought the music was not very original and perhaps too subdued. After hearing the whole album, I am convinced that this is one of the better albums of the kind. The music is mostly quiet and low-key; melodic and dreamy. Woodwind and some tasty electric guitar adds variety in some songs; as well as female lead vocals on one track. And I also like the singer - he may not have the greatest range but his voice is warm and easy-going, no trace of histrionics that can make some bands so annoying. In this aspect, this reminds me of Asylum, the great album by Cresside. Overall, and excellent record and a plesant surprise for me. Discovering unknown and great albums really is fun!