Sunday, March 11, 2007

Baba Yaga - Collage (1974)

One would think that a two side-long track, 1974 album recorded in Dieter Dierks' studio would have been reissued on CD by now, but alas, this is not the case with the only album by Baba Yaga. This is really the project of a duo, Nemat Darman, who covers percussion, sitar and santur, and Ingo Werner (ex My Solid Ground) who covers all the keyboards. The fusion of electronics and eastern instruments here combines the early sounds of Popol Vuh and Tangerine Dream with the more exotic flavorings of the santur and sitar. Both sides act as suites of shorter pieces where an electronically effected sitar and tabla motif will dissolve into electronic and percussion madness (think In Den Garten Pharaos) or a solo piano introduction will pave the way for spacey electronics and jazzy electric piano rambling. It must be said here that the exotic instrumentation dominates the first side, while the keyboards dominate the second side, almost as if each side was a showcase for one of the musicians. Overall, Collage is an excellent piece of 70s German esoterica and a good example of just how far out Krautrock experimentation could reach. Review by Mike McLatchey/Gnosis 2000

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this preciousness of GermanRock

Barmaleyy said...

Hi, Lisa

Thanks for this one! I'm glad, that you continue your great job!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

Interesting album.Thanks!
I'm searching for it very long time.
Here are two covers?

D.72. said...


I hadn't heard of this one before, but have listened to it a couple of times now, and really enjoying it. The music feels more open-ended and improvisatory than some equivalent kraut ethno-fusion stuff. Thanks.

Alex B said...

A very interesting album, amazing. It remembers another obscure and good german kraut group, Kalacraka ( someone knows?): a fusion of ethno, eletronic, spacey keyboards and a typical kraut atmosphere. Thanks for the post and congratulations for the blog.

fritz the cat said...

wow, this is trippy. I like it, thanks

chaz critchley said...

thankyou,i have bought 1 vynyl and 4 cds with this blog!!!!!!!!!its great!