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Fermata - Same (1975)


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but I would appreciate the band's first album: Fermata, second: Songs from Ridges, third: Huascaran - even more ;-)

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THX this album, but I think the last track is missing.
Please upload if you have it.

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Missing last track!!!

Fermata - Fermáta 1975


1. Rumunská rapsódia
2. Perpetuum II.
3. Postavím si vodu na čaj
4. Valčík pre krstnú mamu
5. Perpetuum III. <-------


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A Slovak guy sent me these links. He made it very clear that Fermata is a Slovak band and not a Czech one!

1975 Fermata

1976 Piesen z hol

1977 Huarascan

1979 Dunajska legenda

1980 Biela planeta

1993 Simile

1994 Real Time

1998 Ad Libitum

1998 Generation

1998 X

password :

hammeris1 said...

Fermata (Czechoslovakia in 1975)

jazzrock band lead by Slovakian multi-instrument player Fero Grigláka, with some trips to folk, calssical music and hardrock

Members : Frantisek Griglak gt, kb(1-7); Tomas Berka kb(1-6); Anton Jaro bg,perc(1-2); Peter Szapu dr(1); Milan Tedla vln(2); Cyril Zelenak dr(2); Ladislav Lucenic bg(3); Karol Olah dr(3-6); Peter Olah voc(3); Dezider Pito violoncello(3); Fedor Freso bg(4-6); Dalibor Jenis bg(6); Juraj Bartovic voc,kb(6); Martin Hanzel kb(7); Marius Barton bg(7); Jindrich G.Planka dr(7)

1. Fermata (LP Opus 1975)
2. Piesne z hol (LP Opus 1977, CD Bonton 1997)
2. Huascaran (Opus 1978) **+
3. Dunajska legenda (Opus 1979) ***
4. Biela planeta (LP Opus 1980, CD Opus 1996)
5. Generation (Opus1981) ***
6. Ad Libitum (LP Opus 1984)
7. Simile (LP & CD UMSK/GZ 1991)
8. Real Tima (1994)
10.X (1999)

Angeregt durch die Fermata-Rezis meiner Kollegen habe ich mir eine CD dieser slowakischen Band besorgt - eine CD, die die beiden ersten LPs der Gruppe auf einem Silberling vereint. Zur Wahrung der Chronologie scheint es mir aber sinnvoll, die beiden Alben dennoch getrennt zu besprechen.

Hier geht es also um das Fermata-Debüt von 1975. Es wartet mit sehr unterhaltsamen Jazzrock auf, der mit proggigen Brüchen und mancherlei Psychedelic-Anleihen gewürzt ist. Man findet auch sonst viele Einflüsse aus dem weiten Feld des Rock - selbst Jazzphobiker brauchen keinen Bogen um die Platte zu machen. Sie geht gut ins Ohr und ist bei weitem nicht so sperrig wie etwa der Jazzrock des Mahavishnu-Orchestras. Aber das schmälert ihren Wert nicht. Man hat es hier mit äußerst professionell gemachter Instrumentalmusik zu tun, die sich vor westlichen Produktionen absolut nicht zu verstecken braucht.

Der Klang ist verständlicherweise etwas in die Jahre gekommen, aber das spielt für den Hörgenuss keine wirkliche Rolle. Viel stärker fällt auf, dass die Band internationales Format hat. Irgendwelche Vorhänge, seien sie aus Eisen oder sonstigen Kontinente teilenden Materialien, sind hier nicht zu hören. Und auch die kurze Spielzeit muss in der CD-Edition nicht mehr stören, denn da schließt sich ja gleich das Nachfolgealbum an.

{ Lively by the Fermata Rezis of my colleagues I procured myself CD these slowakischen volume - CD, which unites the two first LPs of the group on a Silberling. For the keeping of the chronology it seems however meaningful me to discuss the two albums nevertheless separately.
Here it concerns thus the Fermata debut from 1975. It offers very much maintenance seed jazz skirt, which is peppered with proggigen breaks and various Psychedelic loans. One finds also otherwise many influences from the far field skirt - even Jazzphobiker do not need to make an elbow around the plate. It goes well into the ear and is by far not so bulkily as for instance the jazz skirt of the Mahavishnu Orchestras. But does not diminish its value. One has to do it here with extremely professionally made instrument valley music, which does not need to hide itself before western productions absolutely.
The sound understandably came something into the years, but no real role plays for the hearing benefit. Much more strongly it is noticeable that those has volume international format. Any curtains, are them from iron or other continents dividing materials, are not to be heard here. And also the short play time does not have to disturb no more in the CD edition, because the follow-up album follows there equal. }

Tomás Berka keyboards
Frantisek Griglák guitar
Anton Jaro bass, percussion
Peter Szapu drums, percussion

1.Rumunská rapsódia 5:52
2.Perpetuum II 10:27
3.Postavím si vodu na caj 4:20
4.Valcík pre krstnú mamu 7:03


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Nice blog, Lisa.
If you have Omega - Time Robber or Omega - Gammapolis (hungarian band), would you mind to post them ?

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I downloaded this first Fermata album using the first link and track 5 was there... However, I have a problem with the last half of track 5, which is all unrepairably fragmented and then cuts off before the end. Anyone else get that problem? I'll try the alternate link posted above by another good user and let you know how it goes.
An awesome album, though! It's blowing me away. I already have the second and third albums, which are pretty good, but this is a few notches up!

Anonymous said...

Actually, my mistake, what I had downloaded was the link in the comments. I downloaded Lisa's link the other day to get a proper copy of track 4. However that also has a noisy glitch between I think 1:30 and 1:40 [or 2:30 and 2:40?], but the other copy that was screwy after halfway had that bit fine in the first half, so a bit of editing gave me a good track 4. So, if you want the whole album you'll need to download both links and patch it together from that.
The only reason I haven't bought this one on cd already is because you can only get it on the same cd as Piesen z Hol, and I already have that - I don't like re-buying stuff I already have. So, thanks folks! I really appreciate getting this album.

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