Sunday, March 11, 2007

Love Live Life + One - Love Will Make A Better You (1970)

Really wigged out Japanese psych band from 1971 that subscribed to the "wall of sound" theory. Featuring a flautist and two saxophonists in addition to the usual drums, organ, guitar, piano and bass, Love Will Make a Better You is a rather mixed bag of music, ranging from bluesy psych to free jazz excursions somewhere between Coltrane and Coleman. This wild use of horns and flute lends a very avant/prog aura to the album, particularly if it is viewed as a psych album. In comparison to the grungy, bluesy psych from Japan in the early '70s, Love Live Life + One were actually quite experimental. In fact, though they don't sound like them, I was vaguely reminded of the experimental side of the Soft Machine. The English lyrics are pretty hippie/trippy and aren't worth writing about other than a rather unique delivery style.

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Alex B said...

None comments? Ok, let´s go!
It´s a good album, bu less experimental than we imagine. The tracks are long and intelligent, but the last ones are much more conventional than first ones.