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Fungus is founded in 1972 in the Dutch town of Vlaardingen. The band consists of founder Fred Piek, Bob Dekenga and Kees Maat. At first they almost exclusively play English and Scottish folk.
Bob Dekkenga leaves the group in 1973 to study and is replaced with Sido Martens, a former Farmers Union and Hello member and bass player Koos Pakvis. They publish the single "Farewell To Tarwathie".

Fungus is the first band to combine Dutch folklore and folkrock in 1974. The titleless debut LP, with half Dutch traditionals and half British material, will be Fungus's most succesfull album, mostly because of the hitsingle "Kaapren Varen".
Drummer Louis Debij joins the band after recording the album with Fungus. Bob Dekenga return and replaced Kees Maat on keyboard. Kees Maat joins "Electric Tear". Fungus is the only Dutch band at the Pinkpop festival of this year and starts a tour soon after, playing in Belgium, Germany, Denmark and the UK. During the tour Debij is temporarily replaced with drummer Jack van den Blink.

The more balanced album "Lief ende Leed" is published in 1975. It contains exclusively rock versions of Dutch traditionals. Martens leaves the group halfway during the recording of the album to persue a solo-career. He is replaced by Rens van der Zalm, ex-Lascarrol and Bill Brooker's Jugband, who brings more than just his electric guitar: a mandoline, bagpipe and fiddle for example.

1976 After recording the third album, "Van De Kiel Naar Vlaring", the co-founder Dekenga leaves the band a second time.

1977 A changing musical climate forces the group to find new ways. They return to a lighter English folk repertoire. This more early-Fungus style results in the LP "Mushrooms". Arie van der Graaf is the guitarist on this album.

1978 The group continues to slink. Piek, Pakvis and Van der Zalm play for awhile as a succesfull accoustic trio. At the end of the year Fungus ceases to exist.

1979 The fairly succesfull farewell-LP "De Kaarten Zijn Geschud" contains, as did the 1st, a mix of Dutch and English material. However the catchy single "De Moord Te Raamsdonk" leaves the masses unmoved, silenced in the beginning of the punk-era.
Van der Zalm join the more puristic "Wolverlei" while Piek and Wim Kerkhof start the duo "The Amazing Stroopwafels".


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Fungus - Fungus (1974)

Fungus - Lief ende Leid (1975)

Fungus - Van de Kiel naar Vlaring (1976)

Fungus - Mushrooms (1977)

Fungus - De Kaarten zijn Geschud (1979)


Anonymous said...

wow, looking forward...

Anonymous said...

great...thank you very very much (btw, the only album I have, is "mushrooms". I could share it...if you like

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much...I only have one Fungus album...mushrooms.
Do you want me to upload it?

newelectricmuse said...

Another band I'd heard of, but mot heard anything by. I look forward to listening to these.

Lisa Sinder said...

2 anonymous:

Please upload mushrooms- would be cool ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
here is my "mushrooms" upload...
pw= kraut
ripped from vinyl @192

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Dear Lisa

How do you happen to guess about my music tastes so well? Incredible how this FUNGUS enlightened my day today!
It reminds me of Fairport Convention with a Dutch taste and prog folk trends!
Knowing - unfortunately - current Dutch commercial music, how could I guess such a brilliant band existed...without your kind sharing?

Thank you soooo much!


Art Rock said...

Thanks a bundle for these! I only know them from their Dutch hit Kaapren Vaaren.

SCION said...

Had not heard of these guys before.
Sort of a Steeleye Span or Albion Country Band, Dutch-style.

newelectricmuse said...
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newelectricmuse said...
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newelectricmuse said...

Thanks for re-upping "Mushrooms"!

darksun said...

I never thought I wou8ld see these again . .many thanks

Anonymous said...

Sincere thanks for uploading again all your beautiful music on Zippyshare
Have peace and love