Saturday, March 17, 2007

Bene Gesserit - A High, Happy, Perverse and Cynical Cry Of Joy (1984)

Legendary minimal band!

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Anonymous said...

they were a really great group. very interesting. i wish they would have made or at least have some video footage of them. one of the better bands from the 80s.


K said...

That's right, everything in this album simply rox, thank you very much for sharing Lisa :*

Leandro said...

hey, if possible, can you upload this wonderful album using sites like Badongo, Turboupload, or another, because Rapidshare and Megaupload are difficulting too much the downloads?
If you can I would be very happy!

If you has another link to this album, send me a call to my e-mail.

Thank you

Cvdorje said...


I only learned of the fantastic Belgian duo of BENE GESSERIT a couple of years ago, and was immediately astonished, and fell in love with most everything ,...(2 other LPs and many scattered singles strewn across many obscure V.A. compilations,as well as some of their other projects). BTW, there`s a new one too ! ... It`s called , Messy Goes Insane .

THIS "...Cynical Cry of Joy" record is probably their pinnacle . (I have many tapes to hear)...
and just WONDERFULLLLL-ness! All of it !

Pretty much everything the Gesserit do, is remarkable.
Her astonishingly peculiar vocals place her in the lofty heights of ladies like Pascal Son, Dagmar Krause, Brigitte Fontaine ,etc etc

.... & Alain Neffe`s just some kind of genius , as well.

So,THANK YOU, indeed for making it available. VERY hard to come by, BENE GESSERIT is.

You truly made my week , dear Lisa.

all thebests
c vdorje