Monday, March 19, 2007

City Waites

THE CITY WAITES is Britain’s longest established ensemble specialising in early English popular music. Their repertoire focuses on the songs, dances and ballads that were heard in the theatre, tavern and countryside during the 17th century - the music of the common man. Band's page here

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City Waites - S/T (1974)

City Waites - A Gorgeous Gallery Of Gallant Inventions (1974)


newelectricmuse said...

Many thanks for these rare City Waites albums

SCION said...

Nice stuff.
BUT ... these guys are not the "oldest" group in this territory - far from it.
The Watersons, The Young Tradition, Tim Hart & Maddy Prior, Martin Carthy, etc., were all doing this material a decade or more prior to The City Waites.

Anonymous said...

I'm quite fond of early music and I found both albums very enjoyable to listen to. many thanks! Larry

Alex B said...

Great stuff. Climatic, beautiful and funny antique music. Thanks for post it.

darkstar said...

I beg to disagree with SCION whilst others may have been doing this material prior to the City Waites they weren't doing it on early instruments and not using arrangements appropriate to the period. I think the real point is that the Waites aren't and where not a 'Folk' group rather an Early Music group whose repertoire coincided with that of some folk groups.

Chris Stobart said...

Lisa thankyou so so SO much for putting these classics online. My aunt worked with the Waites on the early music circuit in those days so I first heard the second album when I was about four and fell in love with it straightaway. It's only recently I found there was another one beforehand.

Real gems from before they started coming over all serious in their sleevenotes.