Sunday, March 11, 2007

Urszula Dudziak - Urszula (1975 )

Polish jazz singer. Perfect!

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SCION said...

Lisa - will you marry me???

I had two Michal Urbaniak albums and three Urszula albums and all five were stolen - out of a locked cabinet at work! - when I took them there to photocopy the covers (this was pre-personal computer/scanner days) in the Seventies.
Since none are easily available on CD - this is maaaahvelous.

Thanks 22 million, four-hundred and seven thousan, six-hundred and thirty-six times, o beautiful Lisa!!!

SCION said...

Album Info:

Urszula Dudziak - Urszula (LP)

Arista Records, New York, #AL4065

Urszula Dudziak : voice, electronic percussion
Michal Urbaniak : lyricon on Track # 7
Basil Farrington : bass
Reggie Lucas : guitar
Joe Caro : guitar
Harold Ivory Williams : keyboards

1. Papaya (Dudziak) 4:02
2. Mosquito (Dudziak) 4:25
3. Mosquito Dream (Dudziak) 2:34
4. Mosquito Bite (Dudziak) 4:23
5. Just the Way You Are (Dudziak/M. Scott) 3:22
6. Sno King (Dudziak) 4:34
7. Butterfly (Urbaniak) 4:34
8. Zavinul (Urbaniak) 5:15
9. Funk Rings (Dudziak) 2:16
10. Call Me Monday (Dudziak) 5:12

Recorded: Probably in N.Y., in 1975

Notes: A lot of mosquito-related songs. Urbaniak arranged the songs, but only plays on one track. On the cover notes, Urszula calls the Lyricon "the most humanized electronic instrument to date". Track 8 is spelt with a "v", instead of a "w", for reasons unexplained.
(Supposedly referred to Josef Zawinul of Weather Report, Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderly, etc.)
Never released on CD.

Captain Beyond said...

Thanks for this post! Any Dudziak or Urbaniak (or Namyslowski!) is greatly appreciated.

Cpt. Beyond

robert poland said...

Nice post, thank you.


Little Axe said...

Many thanks. I remember I had the album Midnight train with a wonderful cover of Misty.. 1977 I guess

Alexandr said...

Urszula очень вкусна на Ежевичных полях!
благодрю Вас


Ricardo Tuzzi said...

Hi Lisa
unfortunately I lost the password for the RAR file of Urszula.
Would you please be so kind and send it to me.
1000 THANX !
Help from other Urszula fans is welcome also !!!

Kindest Regards

ish said...

I've linked your post on Urszula in my offering of three other Urszula Dudziak albums at my own blog.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful and wicked! Never heard of this lady untill now and I Love her free way of singing. Very Brave.
Thumbs up for your Blog.

Baby Grandpa said...

Ricardo, the password is simple.

Here it is:



Anonymous said...

she's amazing... dare I say best jazz vocalist ever? Best vocalist, even? avant-garde AND groovy, what more could you want?

found the lp recently and it's nice to have the mp3s THANK YOU!!!

bambosze_babuni said...

thank you so much!!! :))))