Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lotus - S/T (1974) & Vera O'Flera (1975)

Instrumental album from 1974. Not comparable to any other band. Musically a mix of Bo Hansson and Finnforest.

Lotus - S/T (1974)

Much more fusion oriented music than on the debut album. On this album one can find "the wild axman" Chico Lindvall on guitar. Claes Ericsson from ASOKA on keyboards. On bass guitar Jerker Alluander and on drums Håkan Nyberg (Yes it is the Nationalteatern drummer). The Saxophone player Håkan Broström is helping up on one track.

Lotus - Vera O'Flera (1975)

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Yann said...

Thanks a lot for these albums !

I know Mellotronen since some years. The problem i have in the way to order on their site : changing Swedish krona to dollar or euro money is not running well in my computer (the schedule makes failures).
But for sure it's a great label.


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the track listing for Vera O'Flera. lists only 7 tracks.

Laruchis said...

Hi Lisa!
Thx a lot for all the extraordinary music you're posting.
Regarding Lotus - Vera O'Flera, is there a chance to get the tracklist?
Thx again.

Laruchis said...


OK, this is what I came up with:

1. Baldakinens Skräck (7:39)
2. Konflicker (2:28)
3. Fattigmansbeat (3:57)
4. Nää...Jag Ger Upp (4:19)
5. Regn (7:09)

The problem is here:
6. Till Jenny (6:28)adds the total ammount of time tracks 6+7
7. Fontänen (1:44) adds the total ammount of time tracks 8+9

And then:
10. Nää...Jag Ger Upp (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track)
11. Rehearsal track w/old line-up (Bonus Track)

Sorry, but this is all I could figure out.


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thank You.

Anonymous said...

1 - Baldakinens Skräck
2 - Konflikter
3 - Fattigmansbeat
4 - Nä...Jag Ger Upp
5 - Regn
6 - Till Jenny
7 - Fontänen
8 - Bä Bä Vita Lamm
9 - Krösamos
10 - Nä...Jag Ger Upp Igen
11 - Sista Repan

LPa 1,2,3,4
LPb 5,6,7

Anonymous said...

I wondered if this was still available? The guitar reminds me a bit of Camel. Nice music.