Friday, May 24, 2024

Colonel Huck - A Shot of Rock'n Roll (1982)

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Hi Lisa
Thank you very much for all these rarities !
Can you find this very rare progrock album : MESSAGE It'll be awhile US 1981 ?


Anonymous said...

Propably hailing from Bavaria, it took Colonel Huck about 3 years to record their lone release (on the obscure Mios Tonproduktion).

Side A is closer to conventional Rock/Hard Rock with rather poppy structures, some jazzy sax, funky stylings and even hidden Disco beats.The atmospheric piano intro on the flipside gives promises for a different direction, the truth is that the material sounds more adventurous with harder moves on guitar, more pronounced keys, sax dominations, ''Pollution'' though is a real turn-off with its Disco-like tunes, before the great instrumental ''Space'' says a nice farewell in some sort of cosmic Avant-Garde/Space Rock way.An odd release by all means.