Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gile's Farnaby's Dream Band - S/T (1971)

A UK project by Giles Farnaby, instigated in 1971, that aimed to create a wonderful broth of electric folk music with strong medieval influences. The music is played with a combination of early and modern instruments (primarily made up of flutes, violins and various horns). An entirely unique sound is conjured up using the diverse instrumentation available to a band of the 1970's and tunes originally written for country dances way back in 1651. An interesting find - for those brave enough to indulge - and much like early Gryphon. Freak Emporium

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa

By the way password isn't what is shown

Pass =

and also the same on the Three Man Army

You have made my day posting TMA - Two....big thanks

Lisa Sinder said...

Thank you, my friend! Was long day at the office! Corrected the links!

Anonymous said...

This guys are absolutely amazing!
Thank you!!

Eddie Riff said...

Wow, this is a blast! I remember having a hard time getting this album because it was on a classical music label. Great to hear it at last!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa..I don't know what's happening but everytime I use the password to open a gile.rar I get an error
The password I am using is:
please help me.

Rob said...

Not a project by Giles Farnaby (the band name is a pun on the tune title "Giles Farnaby's Dream") but a collaboration between Trevor Crozier's Broken Consort and St George's Canzona.

Trevor, who was best man at my brother's wedding, used to joke that the "Broken Consort" referred to his wife Annie.

A great album, which occasioned the only time in my student career that someone passing by actually knocked on my door to ask what the amazing music was.

Jonathan said...

Hi Lisa,

Any chance you could send a working link for this lp? I am a big gryphon fan and would love to hear this album