Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aardvarks - Aardvarks (1982)


spunkie said...

I got 4 lp's of this band over the years but have not seen a copy in 10. A MUST DOWNLOAD!

Wow once again you bring the goods.


spunkie said...

Holy shit bonus tracks tell me where you got them?

Lisa Sinder said...

I took this album from friend at soulseek

Anonymous said...

Any idea what the titles are for the bonus tracks? The album in general is pretty good but I'm trying to find more info on the band if any can point me to it.

PHSStudiosRJ said...

Many Thanks Lisa........

Grand post

Anonymous said...

Thanks its great
The Bonus tracks are:
1. Over The Rainbow (only on a Sampler to find, so I know)
2. Feeling I'm Ready (taken from the second Album)
3. Love Is Not Easy (taken from the second Album)
4. California (taken from the second Album)
5. Out Of Luck Again (taken from the second Album)
6. Black Room (from the second Album)
7. Dealing With Fire (taken from the single DON'T WAKE THE SLEEPING DOGS)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this great musik.
Bonus Tracks may be:
1. Over The Rainbow (only on Sampler to find, so I know)
folow tracks taken from the second Album:
2. Feeling I'm Ready
3. Love Is Not Easy
4. California
5. Out Of Luck Again
6. Black Room
7. Dealing With Fire (taken from Album: Don't Wake The Sleeping Dogs)

Dairos777azz said...

Doors and punk rhythmics into dark teutonic psych-progressive feel reminiscent of Paternoster. Very good. However the album is good, the bonuses are nothing special doing a bit of exception on last three tracks.

Thanks a lot

mick miller said...

thank you lisa.amazing post.fantaSTIC Band.